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6 Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Writing a Literature Review

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If you are asked to write an undergraduate dissertation, then it is necessary for you to commence the dissertation writing task by creating a mind-blowing literature review. The main aim of writing a literature review is to evaluate the literature in your chosen subject area. There are four main objectives of a literature review. First of all, it provides a survey of your chosen area of the subject. Secondly, it synthesizes the existing literature. Thirdly, it provides an analysis of the data in a critical way. At last, it provides an idea to the students to organize the information in your dissertation in a logical way. If you are not able to write a literature review, then you can get help with dissertation writing services. The students make a lot of mistakes to write a literature review. The common mistakes that you should avoid while writing a literate review are given below;

1)      Using emotional phrases

As we know that the main aim of writing a literature review chapter of a dissertation is to provide an idea to the audience about the existing literature relevant to the subject of your dissertation. It means that you are restricted to focus on the main theme of existing literature relevant to your subject matter. Therefore, there is no need for subjectivity and your emotions in the literature review.

2)      Avoid writing and stylistic issues

There are a lot of students who are not aware of the writing and stylistic issues that are relevant to the literature review. Therefore, they do a lot of writing and stylistic mistakes in the literature review. The most important writing and stylistic issues while writing a literature review are to give your personal views, unwittingly plagiarism, to write the first and the last name of an author inside the text, and to insert the long URLs in the main body of the literature review. You should try to avoid these kinds of mistakes while writing a literature review.

3)      Irrelevant content

We have seen a lot of students whose dissertations are rejected because they have provided irrelevant content in their dissertation literature reviews. Therefore, you should try to write only relevant content in your dissertation literature review. You should try to mention such studies in your dissertation literature review that are relevant to the main theme of your dissertation.

4)      Avoid structure issues of a literature review

There are also some students who don’t have enough idea about the structure of a literature review. They should try to get a clear idea about the structure of the literature review before commencing it. Some common issues with the structure of a literature review are a bad organization, no background information, and irrelevant content.

5)      Relying on direct quotations

There are also some students who try to provide too many direct quotations from their literature review. This is not a good habit. They should try to provide an only a limited number of direct quotations in their literature review. After providing these quotations, they should also try to provide a source of these quotations.

6)      Credibility and validity issues

 There are also issues with the credibility and validity of a literature review. The students should also try to resolve these kinds of issues in their literature review. Some of them are to write such a literature review that is narrowly focused, to rely on too many direct quotations, to use non-scholarly sources, and to cite only supportive resources.