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5 Things You Should Avoid Writing In Your Personal Statement For College Admission

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A personal statement is an indication of your priorities and judgement. Your selected material can reveal your priorities and ability to discern effectively. The personal statement is resume in narrative form. It is a journal entry and plea of justification. The personal statement is a very important section in your college admission. You should write very carefully personal statements in your application. It is most important to avoid irrelevant and controversial detail in your personal statements.

Here are 5 things that you should avoid writing in your personal statement for college admission.

1.   Quotations and random lists


It is your voice that they want to hear – not Coco Channel. Do not put a quote in the personal statement unless it is really necessary to make a critical point.  Avoid giving a list of all the books that you have read already. It is boring to read in a personal statement. It’s not what you’ve done, it’s what you think about it or educated from it.  You should avoid writing the other people quote in your personal statements.

 Avoid taking a lesson and inspiration from other people. Evaluator wants to know about you and your qualifications. Therefore, you should mark your personal details. It is most important and most common mistakes that student makes in writing personal statements. Most students fail to write clichés in personal statements.

2.   Overuse of Clichés


 You should write personal statements in metaphors like ‘winning the full-size game’. Avoid any tack evaluators in the personal statements. You should write very carefully all the clichés in the personal statements. Remember to keep it relevant to the course. Demonstrate the range of your skills in the classroom. Mention your projects and explain your activities.  

3.   Sex, drugs and rock ‘unroll and negativity

Your personal statements are the potentially burnish an unflattering light. You should not write about sex and drugs.  You should avoid this mistake in writing your personal statements for college admission. It will leave a superior impact on the readers.

Avoid negativity in the personal statements. In the personal statements, you should write personal information and application information. You should not write about your grades and average point and other information about application information. Avoid reputation in personal statements.

4.   Humour and Profanity of slang


You should not mention your money in your personal statements.  Avoid writing all personal details in the personal statements. It is a big motivational force for all the students.  It would seem very bad manners that application evaluators are not interested in your proficiency in the letter words. Some students are found to use inappropriate language in personal statements.

5.   Spelling and grammatical mistakes



 Another most important thing that students should avoid writing in the personal statement is the grammatical mistakes. You should proofread all the application. Avoid being funny in the personal statements. Frequent use of words and phrases are best in the personal statement. All these things are most important that you should avoid writing in personal statements for college admission.