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5 Frequently Asked Questions About ISRO Tenders Research and Development

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ISRO stands for the Indian Space Research Organization.  It is the space research agency of the Government of India, founded on 15th August 1969. The organization has its headquarters in Bangalore and works to harness the infinite potential of space technology for national development.

ISRO has more than 40 centres spread across the country. It issues tenders to procure materials, and for various other construction, maintenance, and service projects. As per the government regulations, ISRO has also shifted to e-procurement.

Interested vendors can get information about the latest ISRO online tenders from the ISRO e-procurement website, e-procurement websites of the government of India, and the reputed national and regional newspapers. On the other hand, you can also register on tendersontime to get notifications about all the latest ISRO tenders in your inbox or mobile.

It is essential to register on the e-procurement website of the organization to submit bids for various tenders. The registration is common for all the centres of ISRO, i.e. once you register on the e-procurement portal, you can participate in the tender process of all the different centres. Vendors registered on the ISRO e-Procurement portal can participate in all the open tenders. However, if you wish to participate in the limited or single tenders of ISRO, empanelment with individual centres is mandatory.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about ISRO Tenders

Do I need a digital signature to log-in to the ISRO e-procurement website?

Bidders who are interested to submit bids for ISRO online tenders must mandatorily possess the Class 3 digital signature along with the token. You must possess both the signing and encryption certificates to log-in and submit bids on the e-procurement website.

What is the registered Email to be provided at the time of registering on the ISRO portal for online tenders?

Vendors should use the official email IDS given by their companies at the time of registering on the portal.  Free email ids such as yahoo and Gmail are not acceptable as registered email Ids.

Do I need to apply for separate empanelment for each centre?

To apply for the limited ISRO tenders from different centres, it is mandatory to get empanelled in the respective centres against the category of items that you deal with.

Do vendors receive email alerts for the latest tenders?

Vendors empanelled with the individual centres of ISRO will receive an email alert in case of a limited tender.  However, no email alerts are sent to the vendors in case of public or open tenders. If you wish to receive notifications about the latest ISRO online tenders, register of tendersontime. We provide daily, weekly, fortnightly, and monthly updates about all the latest tenders from ISRO.

Can I download tender documents and submit the tender in PDF format?

No, it is mandatory to fill the bid templates online. Only the supporting documents should be supported in the PDF format. In some cases, quoting the price in PDF documents can lead to your tender being disqualified.

Register on tendersontime to get the latest information about ISRO tenders. You can download the tender documents for free. You can also register for our bid assistance and consultancy services to get guidance from the experts on submitting winning bids.

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