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Alex Hales

How much does it cost to make a real estate portal software

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A real estate web or mobile application must be well equipped with the required features, basically, the ones that users wish to have. In most cases, users recommend having a visually exploring experience which includes details about every property that is listed on the platform, ranging from apartments, flats, villas to the shop, and factories available for rent or purchase.


Let’s break down the most required features and the costing involved. For having a successful real estate platform, you must have a company website or a property listing website, these are the several factors which shows the overall costing you must be aware of.


Source: Cost of Real Estate Portal Software


Web Development Costing


Accurate pricing can be determined depending upon the factors included in the website. The overall investment can be counted upon the total amount of hours needed for the completion of every phase.


·         Content Creation


Website content comes in different formats and is required to populate the pages of the entire site. The content must have the prerequisites which include the data showing branding assets, professional photographs, building information (address and instructions to reach the property). In case you don’t have the resources to fill up the details and add imperative information on the site, outsource the content part to the professional who can look after your website. while in case you have an ongoing content session in the form of blogs, newsletters, and researches, you can think over to extend you agree with the content writer professional.


·         Project Management


A website project is coordinated by the project manager, organizing the entire lifecycle of the project right from the start to the finish line. Being responsible for finalizing the client requirements, gathering every piece of information including logos, photos, fonts, etc., looking to fulfill timelines, manage the schedules and help in defining the website structure, making coordination with the designers and developers and finally ensure the quality of the deliverables, interfacing with the clients and taking their questions are answered and requirements are met.


·         Web Designing


Website designing can be considered as a substantial part of the website creation. The following includes several critical components that have an impact on the overall structure of the website as well as the user experience across multiple devices including desktop, mobile, tablet, etc. A few of the factors which can impact the costings are-


-          Visual Design


-          The content layout of the pages


-          Color schemes


-          Selecting typography


-          Choosing the graphical elements such as icons, buttons, etc.


While the number of total pages, visual components, and complexity in the custom graphics will be the aspects deciding on the time and costs to be involved in the designing phase.


·         Website Development


In the development phase, the designs are converted into a clickable website prototype. The entire website will be interactive and functional across different services and browsers. The total needed development hours for a project partially depend on the factors including site size, interactive components, and advanced functionalities. The imperative functionalities include –


-          Property Search Filters


-          Property Detail Pages


-          Interactive Maps


-          Easily Accessible Site Plans


-          Stacking Charts


-          Client/ Investor Portals


-          Blogs


-          Third-Party Tool Integration




·         CMS Integration


Having content management is not only imperative but is an administrative tool that allows the owner to manage and make edits on the website content. By having this way, you can have complete autonomy to update your website on the go without having to ask the developers or agency whenever you are required to change something. While the cost associated with a CMS integration depends on the depth of the integration and if any custom modules are plugins are required for managing the advanced components of the website.


What is the pricing of a Real Estate Website Development?


While the most common question here is the business owners seeking the cost to create an app or how much to a web application. In both cases, you must first know the costing involved in a website development, which depends on all the factors mentioned earlier, mostly including the size, complexity and whom are you choosing to develop your website. in general, a professional web development agency the total investment is in the range of $5,000 to $15,000 unless you have a complex website to be developed.


For better clarification, here’s the costing according to the size and nature of the website you choose to have.


·         Simple & Informational Website


For a website that is relatively small or less than 10 pages and do not require many customizations and interactive features, the costing will be ranging from $5000 to $8000.


·         Mid-Size and Custom Functionality Website


For a mid-sized a website which usually has 10-50 pages and require interactive features, advanced CMS modules, custom property search filters and detail pages of the property listing, the pricing will be ranging from $9000 to $15000


·         Large and Custom Functionality Website


Building a large corporate website having 50+ pages that require interactive features, advanced CMS modules, custom property search filters, and property detail pages, the costing will be ranging from $16000 to $30000


·         Large and Database Driven Website


A large database-driven website having complex requirements and development of a completely customized CMS to power the site, the pricing will be ranging from $31000 to $100000




Choose the right solution for your real estate software development and get going with an interactive platform for your real estate business.