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Alan Waler

Keep Your Clothes Safe And Secure

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No one likes it when their clothes are infected, faded, and surrounded by insects and moths and this is why it is very necessary to keep your clothes safe, secure, and shiny as always. Keeping moth repellent balls inside your wardrobe, cupboard, and almirah can help your clothes last longer with care.


General care tips for storing clothes

When shifting out of your clothes, be sure to let outfits, coats, and shoes air out for some time before you store them in your wardrobe, almirah, and closet.  Dangle them up on an equipment rack or a hanger outside your wardrobe before putting them inside your cupboard.  Make sure to not throw them over a couch as this can create new creases.

  • It is very also important to rotate your sweaters and blazers like you do your footwear, to give them a chance to dry and regain their shape.
  • Make sure to not turn off the room light and don't leave garments near the windowpane. Sunlight can dull the colors on your garment just like it does drapes.
  • Always store your clothes in moth repellent balls as it can help protect your clothes from moths, insects, and flies. It can catch humidity that attracts mold.  Apart from that, use breathable cotton sheets or bags.
  • Brush off any salt from your garments before cleaning them or taking them to the dry cleaner because salt can cause or damage during cleaning. If you have come into connection with salt (e.g. pant folds brushing up against winter way salt), make sure to wipe with cold water and air dry.

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