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Anne Leano

Virtual Assistant Niche

3 min read

Virtual Assistant have their own niche or line of Works. Entering this field you have identify what is the best niche for you.

Below are the list of Virtual Assistant Niche to help you decide what will be the best fit for you.

SOCIAL MEDIA For Social Media Managers and Business Owners
JOB: They are the one who will handle your social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and the likes. They will produce content about your business and share it to your prospective clients.

SEO IN-DEPTH  – For SEO Specialists and Business Owners
JOB: They are the one who optimize your on page and off page. They will help your website rank on google search.

JOB: Their client are Real Estate Agents where in you will help them boost their name in the field. You will handle their Social Media Accounts. Familiarize their CRM that they are using. You may also handle their website if they have or build their own website and make some advertisement and post it on their choose platforms.

EMAIL MARKETING –  For GVAs, Social Media Managers, Digital Marketers, and Email Marketers
JOB: Handling Emails of your clients. You have to know how to send the right emails, creating contact management and Segmentation Strategy.

E-COMMERCE SHOPIFY : –  For GVAs, Social Media Managers, Digital Marketers, and Creatives and Designs VAs
JOB: They are the one who handles their clients Business Planning and Overall Management. They also do Collections and product Listing.

VIDEO EDITING – For GVAs, Creatives and Designs, and Video Editors
JOB:  They are the one who manipulate pictures, text or video clips and sounds to create and deliver some messages through video.

WEB DESIGN– For GVAs, Creatives and Designs, Website Managers, Web Designers
JOB:  Web designer design a website for their clients. They are the one who will create your website layout, graphic design and content.

FRONT END WEB DEVELOPMENT – For GVAs, Creatives and Designs, Website Managers, Web Developers
Course Inclusions:  They are the one whoe creates website using this different platforms : HTML, CSS, Responsive Web Design, JavaScript HTML DOM, WordPress, Quality Assurance, Intermediate and SEO Setup

BPO AGENT HOME BASED – For GVAs, Chat and Phone Support Specialists, CSRs and TSRs
JOB: BPO Basics, Customer Service & Sales, Technical Support, Other Programs/Accounts & Complaints Handling, Application, Evaluation and Recommendations


GRAPHICS DESIGN – For GVAs, Creatives and Designs, and Graphic Designers
JOB:  They are the once who are creative. You will be doing a posters, illustrations or any other advertisement using graphic that can help your client connects to their audience.

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