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Bombay Computers has provided reliable quick Online / Onsite laptop repair to consumers in Mumbai. We repair and service all brands of laptops and computers- Dell, Acer, Apple, HP, SONY, Toshiba, Compaq and other brands laptop.

Meaning of Numbers and Letters on an Intel CPU

When you buy an INTEL CPU, you must know what is written over there and why? If you want to know these codes, visit our website and know in detail.

Choosing SSD while Buying Macbook Air or Macbook Pro

Know why you should not be choosing a 128GB SSD while buying an Apple MacBook Air or MacBook Pro Retina? Bombay Computers is a team of technical experts who can help you buy a good Macbook this year.

HP Laptop Repair Mumbai, HP Laptop Screen, Keyboard Replacement

HP Laptop Repair Mumbai in Andheri, Sion, Kurla, Vadala, Chembur, Parel, Mankhurd, Matunga, Bandra, Santacruz and other areas. Call or WhatsApp on 9773004903. We are leading home service provider for your laptop.

Macbook Pro, Air Repair in Mumbai, Macbook Laptop Repair Mumbai

Are you in need of Macbook Pro, Air Repair in Mumbai? Call Bombay Computers at 9773004903 or WhatsApp your problem. We will be there in just 60 minutes. We replace screen, keyboard, battery, hinge and hard disk etc.

Laptop Repair Mumbai, Laptop Screen Replacement, Data Recovery Services

Looking for a reliable, home service provider for Laptop Repair Mumbai? Bombay Computers can fulfill your laptop repair, services and maintenance requirements in Mumbai. We do screen replacement, hinge replacement, data recovery from hard disk, keyboard replace and replacement. Contact us, so that we can fix our appointment with you.

Macbook Cracked Screen Repair and Replacement in Mumbai

2 min read

The products of Apple are generally designed so that it can perform their best for a long period of time. These are trustable gadgets because of the hardware and software products that come with it. But when a sudden situation arises that things go wrong due to some of the technological and other issues, Apple gives their users an instant support because of its policies. If you are a user of Macbook and you face some or the other technical issues, then Apple's warranty policy gives their users a full range of technical solutions that makes all the things go in the right direction. Despite all the warranty policies and technical support for Apple customers, there occur some of the situations that can actually make you suffer due to some sort of inconveniences and requirements. Like this, Macbook screen replacement is one of those situations where you would require reaching out a reliable Macbook repair Mumbai who can provide you with proper technical assistance.

Should you go to the Macbook service provider to get immediate help? If you are thinking to get your Macbook repaired and if it doesn't fall under the Apple warranty or protection plans, then you should get it repaired by Macbook repair Mumbai. Getting in touch with Macbook technician is always cheaper.

When you should try to go to the Macbook repair Mumbai?  You should look for independent Macbook repair when it does not come under warranty period or protection plan and when the screen of the laptop is old for more than 1 year.

If your Macbook does not come under that warranty period or protection plan, then all you need to do is find a trustworthy and reliable service centers with certified technicians who can help you in the time of need. Usually, the Macbook screen gets two kinds of screen damage repair to both to its glass cover and also to the LCD screen of the Macbook. Most of times, it happens that your Macbook might get a crack that not is noticeable. However, it does not cause any problem to the device and may not affect your work. But you should not ignore this thing and get your Macbook screen repaired immediately if you do not want to face any other kinds of issues in the future.


Benefits of Hiring Laptop Repair Mumbai

3 min read

The laptop is a device that is of help to every human being in every field. It is a handy device and because of its portability, it is easily prone to many damages. Those people who are currently working in the field of IT can understand the importance of laptop. Most of works can be completed with the help of laptop sitting in any corner of the world. A person feels helpless when his or her laptop stops working suddenly or when it faces some other kind of interruptions while a person is currently working on it. But this is not a situation where you should worry about the issues with the laptop. Rather, you should visit experts or professionals who can help you in solving out the issue.

There are many advantages of hiring laptop repair Mumbai. Some of the important points are as follows:

·         Help in preventing more damages to the laptop: A laptop expert is a knowledgeable person who is trained in this field of repairing the laptop. He will easily find out the problem with the laptop. Their speed of repairing the laptop usually depends on the type of damage done to the laptop. If it's minor one, then he will repair it in just few hours but if it's more damage, then they will deliver the laptop in just 1-2 days. If you decide to take help from professionals, then it will help you in preventing further damages to the laptop.

·         Risk of data is not there: When the laptop is fully damaged, the first thing that comes to the mind of the laptop owner is of the data recovery. When the laptop is damaged, you should take the laptop to the laptop repair Mumbai as the experts there will help you in preventing the risk of data loss as well as will help you in keeping the laptop safe and sound. It doesn't matter which kind of data it is, laptop repair Mumbai will always keep your data safe. They generally take the backup of the data before they start repairing it.

·         Saves your time: Most of the companies also provide their clients on-site repair work. This means that they do not need to go anywhere to get their laptop repaired. Rather they will visit your home and will get your laptop repair services at home.

Things To Illustrate The Need For Laptop Repair In Mumbai

2 min read

There are several instances when hiring a service provider of laptop repair Mumbai can be a great idea for you. In the event that you have recently bought a laptop or desktop from a local vendor, your system may still be under warranty. This is the only article that can enable you to settle down on a perfect decision.

In the event that you discover that your system is malfunctioning, you are ought to figure out the warranty and determine the terms and conditions of the coverage. Based on the terms and conditions, you can being the process of getting your system repaired. You can also call the manufacturer itself with the end goal to make sure that if the fault is something that may occur again with the same model or not.

Calling the manufacturer or the customer care can assist you to sort out the fault if it is minor. For instance, in the event that you are simply running out of memory, they can help you understand the issue and may advise you to get additional memory or free up some space so that your system can run fast.

Dealing with hardware issues may be a bit difficult for you. More often than not, it demands a full reboot. Individual who are experiencing difficulties with such issues are ought to hire some professional service provider of laptop repair in Mumbai. A professional service provider of laptop repair in Mumbai are the only one who have all the technical knowledge to help you out. These days you do not require to carry your laptop or desktops to a repair professional. Several onsite service providers of laptop repair in Mumbai are present these days. You just need to call them and they will be on the board to your location to sort out the issues.

In the event that the keys of your system appears to be stuck or are just not functioning properly, professional service provider of laptop repair Mumbai can look into this kind of issues as well. More often than not, it has been observed that many individuals, unintentionally, drop food and drink on their costly machines. This results in non-functioning of the keyboard or the entire system. In such circumstances, cleaning out the gluey scum below the keyboard is vital to restoring function. Sometimes, the issue may demand a key replacement as well.

Macbook Screen Replacement in Mumbai with Guarantee

3 min read

One can’t deny the fact that Macbook is one of the best devices when it comes to the gadget. The first Macbook Book laptop was launched almost ten years ago and now still people use its first model. Macbook is an incredibly excellent device which gives its users one of the best ways of storing large files, opportunity to work and also many options. These all things are great but when something goes wrong or when the Macbook needs urgent screen replacement, it can be equal frustrating for the users because the cost of repairing the Macbook screen or Macbook screen replacement in Mumbai is much high than compared to other parts of the device.

This can happen when the Macbook screen suddenly starts looking dull and blurred. This is a sign that the Macbook has been now used for a much greater period and it now needs a replacement. And the other situation may occur that the device might stop working when it has been mistakenly exposed to water. Even when you are extra careful, there is always a chance with the electronic device that it might fall on the ground and can be damaged badly. However, it is always considered a good decision to let handle the Macbook to the professionals for screen replacement in Mumbai. There are some of the reasons so as to why to choose an expert for Macbook screen replacement in Mumbai:

·         Even if the screen is damaged, it happens that the device still works. At this point of time, people think that it is just fine to use the device just like that. But you should rather get it repaired as soon as possible to avoid small damages done to the Macbook, and then there will come a time, when you will have to face that those small cracks will lead to big problems.

·         You would not be having the knowledge and tools used to fix the damage done to the Macbook. You can easily find many blogs that help people to repair the laptop on your own but still you should have a sound knowledge on how to operate the device and the tools used to fix them.

·         During the repair process, Macbook screen replacement in Mumbai use their best experts who have a good number of years of experience in handling any type of damage caused to the Macbook.

Fast Macbook Repair in Chembur Mumbai

3 min read

There are so many reasons so as to why one should go only for the authorized repair and maintenance laptop repair services. This applies same for any particular brand of the laptop, even for Macbook. The reason for this is that the authorized and reputed service centers use the services which are only carried out by the professional technicians. They use branded laptop parts and accessories to repair the laptops of various other brands. Other than using the professional repair services, the reputed and authorized laptop repair centers also make sure that the owners of the laptop also have a sound command on the operation of the laptop. 

Macbook have just left a good impression in the minds of the people because of its high durability, resistance of malware or viruses attacks and also for low susceptibility to damage. Macbook is one of the most expensive laptops and Macbook repair in Chembur, Mumbai make sure that they use branded and high quality laptop parts and accessories to repair them. The authorized laptop repairing companies ensure that the technicians who are operating the laptop are properly trained and also who can deal easily with all types of problems that occur in the Macbook or in any other brand.

The unprofessional laptop repairing companies do not know how to handle all kinds of problems and hence they treat all the problems in the same manner. In addition to this the way they handle the laptop is not smooth and safe. They can easily repair your laptop but can destroy the quality of the laptop by using duplicate parts. The next thing you need to know is that the proper way to open the laptop is only known to the authorized and professional centers. The professionals can go through the problems immediately and give you result within a short span of time. Macbook repair Mumbai have the technicians who are well trained in every field and they know inside out of the laptop. Macbook repair in Chembur, Mumbai make sure that the repair and maintenance work is finished within a considered time period and customer is given the laptop within the same day. Also, the authorized Macbook repair in Chembur, Mumbai ensure that all the data that is stored in the laptop is safe and they also save all the data in other hard drive before starting the repair of the Macbook.