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How IoT Solutions & Services Are Changing The Business World

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IoT is a term that is being increasingly used these days, as far as the topic of discussion concerns the latest technologies being employed in the business world. While the term has become pretty generic in use, everyone is not exactly aware of what the term actually means or refers to. 


IoT- What is it? 

Simply put, the Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the connectivity of all physical electronic devices to the Internet, facilitating the exchange of huge amounts of data among each other. As technology has progressed over the last few years, the arrival of super-economical computer chips has made it possible for even the smallest of devices to become a part of IoT. 


The sharing of data in wired and wireless networks is something that has enabled companies to specifically provide IoT solutions and services to clients all over the globe. As a concept, it is the simplicity that opens up doors to countless possibilities in multiple domains. 


In the business world too, IoT has made a huge impact, and here are some of the most important ways how this has happened- 



  • Data Collection & Sharing

The importance of data collection is more critical in businesses than ever before, and IoT has changed the way this data is managed. IoT allows not just the sharing of customer data, it also evaluates the customer patterns on their interaction with electronic devices.


In short, data can be shared and interpreted more effectively with IoT technology.


  • Much Better Overall Productivity

With a better knowledge about the customers’ buying and behaviour patterns, businesses can witness a considerable degree of better productivity in operations. By connecting multiple IoT devices together, they can be controlled to bring in better efficiency too.


As a result, time consuming tasks can be completed in a lot less time.


  • Working Remotely

Thanks to IoT technology, the need to be physically present at work is no longer a necessity. As long as a business does not involve inventory, IoT is completely capable to connect the entire workforce to work remotely. Higher flexibility also tends to bring in higher productivity by the virtue of added convenience.


  • Skilled Recruitment

In case of IoT app development services, companies need to hire people who have a basic knowledge of handling technology, which in turn makes it necessary to hire someone with a certain skill set. 


Once more skilled workers get recruited into companies, aspirants will start to embrace the latest technologies more, which is going to help them in their careers further on too.


If a completely professional IoT app development company is what you are looking for, then Consagous Technologies is an absolute gem to lead you into the world of IoT surely! 


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Telemedicine App Development, Costs and More!

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As far as innovations in technology go, the pace of development has been enlightening for a number of sectors. The healthcare sector is one such domain where the scenario has drastically changed over the last few years, more so after the world got introduced to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Telemedicine app development amidst the coronavirus has seen a meteoric rise and has completely changed the way in which healthcare is provided to patients all over the world. Providing virtual healthcare to patients is now on the priority list of multiple healthcare companies.

This is the main reason why investing in a telemedicine app can prove to be a great decision. Despite the rise in development processes, the sector as a whole is still untapped, which translates into a great opportunity.

Great telemedicine solutions are acting as a bridge between healthcare systems, doctors, and patients. Patients can stay right in their homes and easily get connected with healthcare providers through virtual means like video calling, digital prescriptions, sharing of medical data, and more.

Telemedicine Apps- Involved Technologies

While every app is a sophisticated bundle of the most optimum technologies suited for the perfect functionality, the technologies of telehealth software include a great combination of some latest platforms.

·         Big Data

Healthcare involves the collection of large amounts of data. Through Big Data, complex computations can be done without too much fuss. Furthermore, the information can be used to provide better diagnoses and better medical researches too, leading to cost reduction.

·         Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Chatbots, machine learning, language processing and voice recognition, the inclusion of AI lends an absolutely new perspective to telemedicine apps. 

·         IoT

Internet of Things in medical stores, tablets, smartwatches, cameras, and more. With this combination of hardware and software, it becomes much easier to provide better care for patients via telemedicine app development.

Technology Stack for Telemedicine App Development

To develop a telemedicine app, other than the technologies, the tools of these technologies also matter a lot. Programming languages, cloud storage and third-party tools are all employed for a great telemedicine app.

·         Back-end development

Programming language- Node.js

Video conferencing- Twilio, RTMP, WebRTC

Chat- Twilio,

Database- MySQL

APIs- Stripe, S3, EC2

·         Languages used for programming

Android- Java, Kotlin

iOS- Swift

·         Tools

Mailing- Elastic Emails

Search filters- Elastic search

Notifications- Firebase Cloud Messaging

Geographical Tagging- Google Maps

Telemedicine App Development Cost

Deciding and knowing about telemedicine apps and its technicalities is one thing, having a complete idea about costs involved is something else altogether. What is important to note is that the costs are not just confined to app creation, but also spread ahead to app promotion and distribution as well.

If you are associated with a reputed telemedicine app development company, the very first app version for one platform can range somewhere between $60,000 to $100,000. But again, these costs can vary and highly depend on the kind of functionality that is being aimed at.

The biggest key here to find something new that can be offered within your particular telehealth app. If at the core, there is something truly innovative that users can look forward to, it will be easier to gain a loyal user base without a doubt. 

Telemedicine App Key Features

While a reputed app development company will surely know to incorporate the best features, here are some of those features that are absolutely integral to a great telemedicine app- 

·         A great, interactive interface.

·         Easy and accurate filters for better searches.

·         Immaculate audio and video call quality.

·         Safe payment gateway.

·         Secure storage of patient databases.

These are the most basic features that have to be there in your telehealth app no matter what. As far as professional services go in the development of such a comprehensive and cutting-edge app, Consagous Technologies is your one-stop mobile app development company for a completely brilliant app and satisfaction.

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How is AI Impacting the Automotive Industry?

4 min read

For quite a long time now, the world has been aware of self-driving technology used by Tesla, the electric vehicle, and the clean energy giant. Through these self-driving cars, Tesla is trying to leap ahead with the application of Artificial Intelligence in the automotive industry.

That’s something not every company has been able to pull off. But a key question arises- 

Is the scope of AI limited to only self-driving cars? 

Well, no. Self-driving car tech is just one factor that is governed by the progress of Artificial Intelligence. However, AI in automotive is so much more.

Apart from self-driving, keeping us more connected, safe and on decided schedules is something which can be accomplished through AI even if we drive our vehicle ourselves.

If the current trends are anything to go by, Artificial Intelligence will drive the growth of self-driving vehicles to an extent that they will become mainstream within the next two decades. Apart from this, AI will also change a lot of steps involved in the automobile manufacturing process, like research and design, project management and even the functions that lend extended support to the business.

Here’s a look at some of the ways through which Artificial Intelligence is leading the way into the future with a great deal of impact on vehicle owners, automakers and even service providers of AI technology in the sector.

  • AI Software to Connect Vehicles

The way through which we have come to recognize AI in the automotive sector. AI helps in monitoring multiple sensors by giving driver alerts, taking emergency control of the vehicle and emergency braking too.

Both AI and Machine Learning have also been successfully implemented in automobile navigation software. 

  • Tesla, Tesla & Tesla

No AI blog is complete without the mention of Tesla in automotive. After electric cars, the company has now been taking huge steps ahead in the self-driving arena. Cameras, ultrasonic sensors, radar, sonar and GPS all collect their respective data chunks and transfer them to an AI program that converts this sensory data to vehicle controlling data.

It’s Autopilot software is sophisticated enough to take you to your appointment marked in your calendar if you are not in the mood of the conversation.

  • Vehicle Manufacturing

AI has revolutionized vehicle manufacturing as well. These smart robots work in collaboration with their assembly line human workers, by monitoring how they work and adjust their operations accordingly so as to prevent any kind of a mishap.

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is another piece of AI technology that has come to the horizon in recent times. Without any human interference, these AGVs include objects and complete material delivery to various sections of manufacturing plants.

  • Automotive Insurance Claims

The auto insurance sector too has embraced the use of AI in connected automobiles for risk assessment in real-time, helping with the quick filing of insurance claims in case of an accident. The risk profiles too are accurately created as AI accounts for different factors of individual drivers and even their driving history.

Overall, the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence has made a huge impact in the automotive industry. Needless to say, the potential is simply immense, which is a unanimous situation with multiple businesses and startups all over the world.

As a leading AI application development company in USA, Consagous Technologies is armed to the teeth with the latest AI platforms to assist with cutting-edge AI application development services that will help you take leaps ahead, in line with the growth of AI as a technology too.

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All You Need to Know About Amazon Honeycode!

3 min read

Tech enthusiasts were pretty excited since a year after hearing that Amazon was working on a service that offered a no-code service by the name of Honeycode. This particular service had the tag of ‘AWS for Everyone’, where people without any previous experience of software development could create basic business applications and not depend on their company’s IT department.

After a substantially long wait, Amazon launched this service as the Amazon Honeycode App Builder. Available in AWS as a managed service, users can have the benefits of a simple to use virtual app builder for creating web and mobile apps, backed by the powerful, tried and tested database built in AWS.

Competing with Microsoft Power Apps and Google Cloud’s AppSheet, one of the biggest features of Amazon Honeycode is the ease with which it allows new developers to build great web solutions without the need to write a single word of programming code at all.

All about Amazon Honeycode

For any mobile app development company, Amazon Honeycode looks to be an avenue that is full of promise. 

To keep things simple, the overall profile of Amazon Honeycode has three integral points that can be noted as the essence governing the overall operational process of Honeycode- 


  • Lightweight Functionality

When compared to AppSheet and PowerApps, Amazon Honeycode has a pretty lightweight identity in terms of functionality, at least, as far as the initially launched beta version is concerned.

While the future versions will allow the associated users to get access to a number of customized solutions as per their requirements, the present version is just to get the developers acquainted with something that is on offer from AWS.

  • Honeycode Basics

As of now, Amazon Honeycode allows the users to create applications with upto 20 individuals completely for free. Things move to the premium scenes only with additional users and storage space for apps that are large in size.

In its current identity, Amazon Honeycode has built-in templates for everyday web and mobile apps that include surveys, task lists, reporting times, content trackers, team tasks monitoring, inventory, and event management among a lot of other things. A really interesting feature of Honeycode is the ability to import all data into a workbook and then organize it in the spreadsheet interface.

  • Integration of Amazon Honeycode with APN

The benefits of Amazon Honeycode, obviously get a little more enhanced with its integration in AWS Partner Network (APN). With this combination, users can internally use Honeycode to bring about an improvement in the business processes internally as per the productivity benchmarks and parameters, which can vary from time to time.

The name Honeycode too is supposed to denote the ease it brings into the whole programming scenario. Hence, Amazon came up with Honeycode.

What now remains to be seen is how Amazon catches up to its main competitors, Microsoft PowerApps, and Google’s AppSheet. While PowerApps was launched way back in the year 2015, Google too made its acquisition of AppSheet right this year in January.

As far as the first version is concerned, Amazon Honeycode is available for users in the US-East (North Virginia) and Oregon. The service will be made available to the other regions as well in the coming time.


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How Fitness & Technology are Shaping a New Future?

4 min read

Given the busy and hectic schedules, everyone has these days, health has unfortunately taken a back seat. Add to it those unhealthy and irregular eating habits and overall fitness woes get highlighted more and more. Being someone who considers work a priority is definitely a virtue, but it should not come at the cost of sacrificing your physical and mental health.

You can accumulate a lot of wealth over time, but if you are not fit enough to enjoy it, there won’t be much use of what you have earned. The current lockdown scenario too has not aided too much for fitness, but technology has always tried to cover up for a lot of shortcomings that seem uphill initially.

Fitness app development has been on the rise since recent times, giving people a much-needed solution to look after their fitness much more conveniently, without going through the added effort of making the extra time to go over at a gym and work out. 

There are a number of health and fitness tracking apps that have made looking after our health a pretty easy job. Thanks to the use of cutting- edge technology in some of these best mobile fitness apps you do not just get assistance in working out but embrace overall stability and fitness in your life.

Here are some amazing ways through which this enviable blend of fitness and technology is paving the way to a newer, fitter world- 

  • Incorporating the best habits

There are a number of fitness tracking apps which apart from their job of tracking fitness, help users in developing healthy habits like suggesting a better and healthier diet, tracking the users’ blood sugar, calorie count, and other health-related parameters.

Some fitness apps offer these added features for free, while some take the premium route aimed at users who are more sincere about their health.

  • Make users more accountable 

There are countless times when you would have started to go ahead with a fitness regime but then gave up within a few days into the routine. That is nothing but the simple lack of determination from our end. 

With a fitness tracking app that has an interactive UI, users get encouraged to achieve their fitness goal by constantly achieving the daily targets, making them more accountable for their fitness.

  • Chart out goals that are realistic and personalized

Personalization is something that will feature in some of the best fitness tracking apps users will come across. As an individual, you might be inclined to take part in a cyclothon, but your body might not be prepared for it. 

With a fitness app filled with features, users are able to get a more realistic approach to their fitness goals that they can achieve with their present body situation. With accurate monitoring, these apps create customized targets that are based on a user’s progress and growth.

  • Eliminate that intimidating requirement of hitting the gym 

When you have paid a hefty gym fee to work out, what cannot be denied is that at some point, it was a hard task to get your body moving to the gym. With a good fitness tracking app at a user’s disposal, there is the added liberty of working whenever it is convenient.

Given the fact that fitness regimes are gradual and take their own time to show results, convenience becomes all the more important to ensure continuity in the pursuit of fitness.

Fitness app development has been enjoying a lot of interest, with multiple companies and healthcare startups churning out functional apps for users. The cost of fitness app development is something that always needs to be kept in check to ensure a better future of the concerned app. At Consagous Technologies, we make sure that the fitness tracking app you want is spectacularly optimized and fits your budget as well.


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iOS 14 - Important Features to Look Out For!

4 min read

The company has its fair share of critics, but it cannot be denied that every single move that Apple makes is noticed, analyzed, and evaluated by technology experts all over the world. Needless to say, when the announcement is to have a huge impact, say an Apple product launch or something to with software, things enter into a lot more detail. This one is about the latter context.

Yes, the iOS 14 is here! 

And it supposedly has brought some neat tricks up its sleeve this time around. Long story short, there is an increased degree of flexibility, something which the users had been craving for years in the Apple ecosystem. People were allowed a preview of some features of iOS 14 during the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June.

iOS app design has always been a key factor or USP of every iOS device. And the launch of iOS 14 is supposedly the biggest update Apple has made over the years. The beta versions for both the iOS app developers and the public has been completed, and it will launch along with the new set of iPhones later this year.

Here are some really new and cool features that will be on all compatible iPhones, courtesy iOS 14-  

  • The Inclusion of Widgets 

Widgets are a huge part of the overall customizable experience for users. With iOS 14, the Widgets option will provide accurate information pretty easily, and will be more convenient than ever to pin widgets on any single Home Screen page. 

These widgets depend primarily on what apps are installed. Then there is a new Smart Stack option too. Users can customize a stack of their preferred widgets together, and then the relevant widget gets displayed according to the location and activity.

Users new to the iOS ecosystem might find Smart Stack a little difficult to get used to.

  • Automation of App Library 

The App Library will be there down on every Home Screen page and is going to sort your apps automatically into different folders, like Entertainment, Social and such. Also, users will get Suggestions about some apps that can suit a particular app folder.

Users can choose to decide on the number of Home Screens for displaying The App Library. 

  • More Nuanced Siri 

Siri, Apple’s Google Assistant was long due for some change, and Apple brings a major overhaul in making Siri more accessible and quicker to reach out. While there was a separate screen for Siri before, it will now open as a pop-up on the same screen.

A better translation prowess and the chance to record and send audio messages with Siri has also been enabled.

  • Additions to Messages 

With iOS 14, Messages will give users the chance to pin their conversations on the top of their list, which will surely remind you of WhatsApp, as it does that already. Some more Emojis, options to add a picture on a group chat, and more such little, but substantial features are included.

Unrelated to Messages though, the new iteration of iOS 14 will also bring some change into the app development procedures of iOS app development services

  • Third-Party Apps 

Finally! Apple has permitted the use of third-party apps over the default Apple apps with the new iOS 14. For example, users can set Chrome as their default browser, or Gmail as their default mailbox. 

So, whenever a user clicks on any link, it will always open in that particular app only.

  • Secure Safari 

Safari will bring you a nice privacy report for iOS 14 users so that they can see the third-party site trackers are blocked, as well as to detect the saved passwords that might have something to do with a data breach. 

Other than that, a built-in translation feature like Google Chrome is also being developed.

These are just some of the new features of iOS14, and they will be available from this fall as a free software update for iPhone models from 6s and later. 
If you are looking to get a great iPhone app for your business, deploying it through iOS14 will be a great move. For this, Consagous Technologies will be a great choice as it is a renowned iPhone application development company


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Home Health Monitoring – The Digital Healthcare Tech Concept

4 min read


This supposedly ‘omnipresent’ COVID-19 outbreak has led to an immense degree of changes in almost each and every industrial sector imaginable. The healthcare sector too is witnessing a lot of flux with increased relevance from hospital care to monitoring health at homes. This has given rise to a new term, known as home health monitoring.

Home health monitoring is quickly becoming a serious alternative than physically moving to hospitals, by blending the latest technologies like wireless communication, mobile computing, bio-sensing, and AI (Artificial Intelligence). 

In layman terms, in fact, the basic motive of in-home health monitoring is to bring a generous reduction in healthcare expenses by avoiding the patients who can get well even without getting admitted to one of their rooms or wards. It can be feasibly assumed that home health monitoring has been made all the more functional with the help of cutting-edge telemedicine applications and software solutions.

Bringing the focus again on the present situation where a pandemic has forced people to stay in their homes for an increased bout of time, numerous guidelines have emphasized to refrain from visiting hospitals unless it’s absolutely unavoidable. Health however, does not take heed of any situation, and a health emergency can arise any time.

This is where the applications of home health monitoring have been enlightening to say the least. Helmed with advanced telemedicine IT solutions, home health is mainly aimed at patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), heart failure, and more such diseases, which require constant supervision of a skilled doctor.

Home Health Monitoring and it's Benefits

With smartphones and other smart devices a staple in everyday life, telemedicine app development has been integral in making home health monitoring the novel solution it is gradually becoming. Obviously, without some groundbreaking benefits of any technology, it is practically delusional to expect a lot of utility in the longer run.

Here is a look at some of the benefits of home health monitoring- 

  • Facility of Data Sharing Among Patients and Doctors

This is the biggest advantage of home health monitoring. Aided with some of the best telemedicine apps, patients can easily conduct their routine tests and send them over to their doctor or physician, practically in real-time and eliminate the need to head over to a hospital for just some checks.

For people having long-term illnesses, this is a true advantage as they need to coordinate with their doctors a lot more. With home health monitoring, quick communication between patients and physicians is made possible. For people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, mental disorders, respiratory illnesses, and others. 

  • Healthcare Becomes More Accessible Than Ever

With healthcare becoming remote, it has become pretty easy for doctors to reach out to prospective patients. If patients cannot visit a clinic or make a physical appointment with a doctor, home health monitoring makes it possible to get a consultation right at their houses, which is just amazing.

It also allows an increased number of patients but all without overcrowding.

  • Leads To A Lot of Savings In The Long Run

With great doctors on-demand apps leading the way of home health monitoring, attending a clinic for prescriptions or tests is not mandatory. Also, it is a faster process to admit patients with more serious illnesses when there is the availability of space in medical institutions. 

It becomes easier to handle patients who are in need of urgent medical attention.

It is obvious that remote health monitoring is definitely the way forward. If you are someone who is looking to become a part of this with a great telehealth app, you can connect at Consagous Technologies, who are a leading telemedicine IT solutions provider with years of experience.


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