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Garage Door Repair, Replacement, Maintenance & Installation Services

Useful Tips to Help You Hire the Right Garage Door Replacement Agency

3 min read

Thinking of hiring a top-rated garage door replacement agency? Do you how to hire the best? Not sure how? Well, most people don’t! But that doesn’t mean you should consider any contractor that you have just met. There’re a few parameters that define a good garage door repair and replacement agency. You should closely examine the agency if they possess all of the great traits that a professional agency should and accordingly make a choice.

Let’s help you know how to greatly assure if the garage door repair and replacement company you are going to consider is a perfect deal for you:

1. The Length of Service in the Industry

Invest in a garage door replacement agency that’s in service for a decade or even more. Why so? It’s because the longer they have been servicing the industry, the more experience they have got to fix issues. In simple words, you could weed out the unskilled contractors from your list. A garage door company couldn't stay in service for a long time if it's delivering a poor quality service. So the number of years in service is a top factor to ponder when you are going to hire an expert agency that could handle the replacement issues of your garage door.

2. Prefer the One That Offers Complete Solutions

Sometimes, the issue with the garage door is more complicated. You need more than just a replacement service. You would never know if an issue demands repairs when replacing the faulty garage door parts. You would get stuck if your contractor has only the expertise to replace the garage door and not in repairing it. So to ensure a great hire, make sure the agency offers end-to-end garage door repair and replacement service so that you don't have to look elsewhere in the mid of the process.

3. Favor the One With Positive Customer Reviews

Is the potential contractor you have chosen for the replacements of the garage door got positive reviews? You should deeply look into it before making a hire. Having a presence on Google and YellowPages with positive reviews greatly ensures that you are going to invest in the right garage door service. Read the reviews and if you find that its past clients are recommending the service to their friends and family, then it is a service you can bank upon.


Hiring the right garage door replacement is a step taken in the right direction to meet your garage door service needs without any hit and trial. To ensure a perfect hire, make sure you take a close look at the top things discussed here. Look for a service that offers installation and repair as well alongside the replacement of your garage door. This way, you would have all the solutions available right with you without postponing the garage door issues to the future. The positive reviews reflect the quality service so keep them into your account while looking for them.

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Why Doing Garage Door Springs DIY Shouldn’t Be Your Thing?

3 min read

Thinking to attempt garage door spring repair and replacement DIY? You shouldn’t! There’re lots of troubles that come along with garage door DIYs. It’s not worth taking the risk and compromising with the safety. But to most people, DIY seems like a fun activity. However, in reality, it's not. Performing repairs on your own with a little knowledge in hand could turn fatal. Unintentionally, you would end up inviting accidents or causing more damage to the garage door.

Here're a few reasons you shouldn't attempt to repair or replace your garage door springs:

1.        Garage Door DIYs are Extremely Dangerous

Most garage door spring repair and replacement issues are too technical in nature. Unless you aren't a skilled technician, you won't know the complications involved. Consequences of DIY? You would end up inviting serious accidents. The springs have a considerable amount of tension even in broken conditions.

So attempting a repair or replacement of springs could immediately release the tension. It could cause damage to your body parts or damage to your property. Either way, you would land into issues. This is the reason you should only rely on skilled contractors as they come up with the necessary tools required to perform this job safely.

2.        DIYs are Annoying

Dealing with garage door replacements gets boring, at times. It's annoying as well as frustrating at the same time when you have no idea of how to fix the garage door spring. Moreover, it's equally annoying when you don' get the right spring size. What if the garage door spring you ordered online doesn't match your current garage door spring? You would end up creating more delays which might be annoying to you. It's the reason you shouldn't go for DIY and rather trust a garage door spring technician to address your needs.

3.        DIYs are Difficult

Garage door springs are sophisticated parts that are difficult to operate on if you are performing a DIY. They need to be precisely calibrated to make sure that your garage door movement stays smooth and even. It's difficult to deal with if you don't have experience in calibrating the door springs. It's because if you don't set them right, they could cause the door to open and close with jerks that damage your garage door eventually.


So by now, you might have understood that dealing with garage door spring repair and replacement is a tricky thing. If you attempt to perform a DIY with half the knowledge, you might end up creating more issues to your garage door. Moreover, there’s always a risk of ending up with improperly installed springs as it’s a tough job and only a skilled garage door service expert could deal with it, so leave this matter to a professional.

Leave the most complicated garage door spring repair and replacement issues to us as we can handle them in a safer way. We’re Secure for Sure, offering comprehensive garage door repair and maintenance solutions under one roof. Let's help you with any garage door spring issue that you are experiencing now. Contact us now!

Top Factors That Influence Your Garage Door Repair Bills

3 min read

At some point, every garage door demands repair and asking for a professional garage door repair specialist’s help becomes crucial. But before moving ahead with the repairing decision, you might like to know the costs involved. However, the cost to repair your garage door isn’t always fixed. In most cases, it is variable and depends on several factors that directly influence the cost.

Want to know what influences the cost of garage repairs? Here're the factors that influence the repair of your garage doors:

The Extent of Damage Caused to the Garage Door

Every garage door repair issue isn’t the same and so does the costs involved. The repair costs trigger as the severity level of the damage increases. While minor issues with the garage doors could be fixed at a nominal cost, still, the complicated repair issues with receptors and garage door openers could add more prices to the repair bills. Since the complicated areas of garage doors require much more effort than usual issues, they come with a heavier price tag.

Design and Type of the Garage Door

Your garage door's type and design also influence the repair costs. Expect to pay higher costs for the contemporary garage doors. Since the garage doors with simple mechanisms are easy to operate, they come with a lower price tag than the ones with modern mechanisms and flashy designs. You need to keep this factor in mind while looking to fix your garage door issues.

Nature of Components Used

The kinds of components used in your garage door greatly influence the repair costs. For instance, the garage doors with metal gates need more time and energy to make fixes; hence, they come up with higher costs than garage door with wooden gates. So bear it in mind and expect to pay accordingly. 

Door Finishes

Though finishing your garage door after the repair isn't always the requirement, still, many homeowners opt to it as they prefer to maintain the aesthetical appeal of the garage door as well. So if you are one of them who is expecting to match up the garage door's color with your house's visual appeal, then be prepared to spend some extra amount of money for it that would add more to the repair costs.


There isn't any single price quote to every garage door repair issue you are experiencing. Every repair issue is unique and so does the price involved to fix them. Bear it in your mind that the cost for the repair of your garage door always gets influenced by its construction material, design, nature of components used and several other factors. Also, the service charge of every repair expert varies from contractor to contractor. Some might charge you nominal but take a long time to repair while others might charge higher but quickly fix the issues. So expect to pay a higher price for a better service.

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Garage Door Repair in Jenkintown

4 min read

Common Garage Door Problems that needs to be Fixed Immediately!


Despite being the major entrance into the house, Garage doors are often overlooked. But at the time of major issues like out of the track, damaged springs and hinges etc, this is the most important part of the house that is fixed immediately by the house owners.


Such issues do hamper the functionality of the garage doors, but it can also prove to be dangerous at times. If you do not want to put your family life at risk, you must surely go for the regular inspection process. However, calling the experts to fix the garage door immediately is very important, if some problem has occurred.


Here are 5 common problems with the garage door and optimal solution for the same –


Battery and Electrical Problems: - The hi-tech garage door is operated with the remote opener that comprises of battery power. Any problem in opening and closing of the door could be because of the power failure of the batteries. The ideal way to solve this issue is by calling the professional for the replacement battery for the remote opener.


However, it is always optimal to check the backup battery beforehand, if you want o avoid the complications. The best way is to unplug the opener from the AC power source and check if the door is working on the backup battery.


Problems with Photo Eye Sensors: - The opening and closing of the door are dependent on the photo eye sensors. A beam of light travels from one side of the garage door to the other that provide a signal to the door about the opening or closing of the door. In case, if something is in the way of the door, it would automatically reopen.


The technical problem in the photo eye sensors could also be the reason behind the malfunction, however, dust and dirt on the photo eye sensors could also hamper its functioning. To solve the technical issue there is a need for the professional, while dust and dirt can be removed by the owner itself. All they need to do is use a soft, clean cloth and a mild glass cleaner to wipe any dirt from the sensor eye.


Problems with Track Alignment: - The moving of the door on the tracks and rollers is another common area of a problem. Misalignment of the tracks can cause a problem with the opening or closing of the door. Calling the professional for garage door services becomes must if you want to get the door back on the track.


Problems with Springs and Hinges: - Springs and hinges also play a crucial role in opening and closing of the garage door. With time springs and hinges worn-out causing various problems in the functioning of the door. Also, it can become the reason behind potentially dangerous problems. Therefore, getting the springs and hinges replaced immediately becomes must in order to get the door back into its position.


However, besides these issues, you can also call the professional for various other repairing processes like overhead repair, garage door bracket repair in Jenkintown etc.


So, if you are facing any of these problems you must not wait for things to get worse; instead call the provider right away!

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Garage Door Repair in North Wales

3 min read

Why Choose Professionals Over the Amateurs for Garage Door Services?


When it comes to house maintenance, garage door repair, replace garage door cable North Wales or any other aspect associated with the house, the property owner wants nothing but the best of the services. This is what makes them hire professionals for the services.


However, there are many for whom spending dollars for the maintenance or repairing is a waste as they think that it could be done by themselves as well. Even there could be a reason of availing services at a cheap price from the amateur!


But when thought that what makes them take this decision, the answer to it comes that they are not familiar what difference does professional makes for the garage door services.


If you also one among those people who think alike, here is the practical answer that will change your mind.


Let us move ahead!


Efficient and Reliable Garage Door Services: - Delivering of efficient and reliable services is promised by the professionals of the industry. This is because they have a reputation to maintain and an objective to grow the business. Though this could also be the objective of the amateurs, yet reliable services is something that only experienced professionals can only guarantee. After all, it’s the years of experience that counts.


Therefore, no matter which makes and models of garage door a client has the expert technicians are there to solve each problem with the best techniques.


Easy on Pocket: - Many house owners think that hiring of professionals means increasing the expenses, but it is a misconception! Cost effective services can be expected from the professionals of the industry as well as they know what the importance of money for the clients is. Thus, they make sure to provide quality services at low prices.


Priority to Customer Service: - Experts always first inspect the problem with the door and later offer an effective solution. This helps them in providing quick and excellent results to the customers.


Available 24/7:- Lastly, experts always commit providing quality services round the clock, which is certainly not important to the amateurs. Thus, the hiring of highly trained professionals ensures to get fast and quality garage door services.


So, aren’t these reasons enough to justify that hiring of a professional is a better decision than the hiring of an amateur.


Therefore, next time you face any issue with the door, or you need to replace the garage door cable in North Wales, you must call the experts of the city for your help. After all, they have the expertise in providing quality solutions in a quick turnaround.



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Garage Door Repair Services in New Hope

4 min read

When buying a garage door in New Hope, house owners often think that whether it should be insulated or not. However, professionals do recommend insulation garage door, but there are many homeowners who overlook to the recommendation. This is because probably they are not aware of the benefits that insulation garage door provides.


If you are also one among those are not aware of the benefits, you must read the information provided blow that will help clear your view – –


Conserve Energy: - The foremost benefit of the door is it helps in conserving energy. Wondering, how? Well, a garage door with insulated property does not allow the home to lose heat thus keeping the house warmer.


For moving the door up and down, sensors play a crucial role. These interact with the opener and make it receive a laser that indicates the action of closing or opening of the door. If there is any problem with the sensors, the garage door will not go down. Hence, it would raise the expense of the house owner as there is no other option besides replacement of the sensors or the opener.


Stay Aligned for Years to Come: - In winters, the door comes out of alignment, thus hampering the working of the door. But this is not the case with the insulated door as they are less likely to flex and misaligned.


Noise-free Doors: - Door with time starts to make chirping noise. However, if the doors are insulated there is no problem of noise. Therefore, choosing insulated doors over the non-insulated ones is an optimal choice to make.


Better Functioning: - Lastly, garage doors parts function better in the moderate temperature. Thus adding an insulation property to the door helps it function properly. After all, machine parts are same as humans as they also cannot bear the extreme cold temperature and put stress on its parts.


From the above provided benefits you must have got an idea about the importance of insulated garage doors. So, if you are thinking to buy a new door or get your old garage door replaced, now it’s the time to make the right decision. Make sure you have invested in buying an insulated garage door.


However, before making your choice you must consult the professional garage door service providers. Their experience will help you in making the right decision and buying value for money door. Usually, insulation is categorized in form of R rating that is from 0 to 19. Following is the insulation categorization of the door.


Next feature that is looked into is the opener of the door. Any default in the opener leads to garage door off track problem. Thus to solve this, there is a need for garage door off track repair in Ambler.


0-5 – Minimal to none

5-8 – Nominally insulated

9-13 – Good insulation

13-19 – Excellent insulation


So, make sure that the door you are buying comes in the insulation categorization listed above. And going with the category of 9 to 19 is optimal to keep you house warm.


In addition to this, you can also discuss few more things with the professionals like maintenance, garage door bracket repair in New Hope. After all, they are the expertise of the industry that can help you to the utmost.


But before consulting any company or a professional, make sure you have contacted the experienced and renowned expert of the industry. This is because excellence is earned by only a few of the providers and not all. Therefore, you need to do immense homework while doing the search in order to get valuable services.


Secure for Sure offers Garage Door Repair, Replacement, Maintenance & Installation Services with Garage Door Spring, Garage Door Ambler, Garage Door Cable, Garage Door Bracket, Garage Door off Track, Garage Door Opener Repair Services in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and in the surrounding areas.

Garage Door Opener Replacement in Yardley

3 min read

Is there a Dent in Your Garage door Let the Professionals Fix it!


Nowadays, aluminium garage doors are commonly used because of its vast benefits. Durability, strength, maintenance-free is to name a few features of it, which has made many house owners opt for it.


But being maintenance-free material, it does not mean that it is resistant to dents. In fact, aluminium doors are prone to dents caused while reversing the car or any other vehicle. Though many owners would think of replacing the garage door in Yardley, which is indeed a costly affair, yet there is a way out to get rid of the dents.


Wondering, which way it could be?


Well, it is the simple dent removal technique that is not only money saving method but a time saving method as well.


Following are the steps of dent-removal technique adhered by the professionals –


Things required for removing the dents - To start with the removal of dents, experts first require gathering all the necessary equipment. Here is the checklist of the tools being gathered before starting the process –medium sized bucket, dish soap, outdoor hose, heavy duty sponge, aluminium foil, standard lighter and compressed air.


Step-by-step process - First, the bucket is filled with water and dish soap is mixed into it.

After mixing the soap well into the water, with the help of a sponge, the dented areas are scrubbed so that all the dirt is removed. No expert moves forward till the dented area is not properly cleaned.


Now the aluminium foil is used to cover the area. It is cut according to the area that is required to be repaired. Once it has been done, with the help of a lighter and compressed air the foil is attached to the dented area.


The flame is now moved back and forth over the dent for 60 seconds. This is done continuously till the aluminium foil is attached to the dent.


After it has been completely attached, the expert removes the foil and holds the air upside down. Now the compressed air is sprayed for at least 30 seconds and within a few seconds the dent will pop back to its original place and the door will become the same as before.


So, these are the steps followed by the professionals for the removal of dents on the garage door. Though it may sound easy, yet it is not a child’s play! Therefore, hiring a professional for this job is the ideal way to get rid of the garage door dents.


So, if there are dents in your door and you are thinking to replace it, you need to rethink your decision as there is a better alternative for it. Go for the dent removal technique if you want to save money.


Hire the professional of your city to get this job done as they have the expertise and right equipment to fulfil this job successfully. Even for the other jobs like spring or hinges repair, garage door opener replacement in Yardley, you must always look up for the professionals of the industry.



Secure for Sure offers Garage Door Opener Repair & Replacement, Spring Repair & Replacement, Cable Repair & Replacement, Off Track Repair, Extension Spring Replacement, Garage Door Maintenance, Replacement & Installation in Delaware, Pennsylvania, South Jersey, North Jersey and in the surrounding areas.

Garage Door Opener Repair in Philadelphia

3 min read

Searching for the Right Garage Door Dealer? Here is what you need to know!


Buying a garage door may sound simple and searching a garage door repair company for this purpose may sound even simpler. However, it’s the other way round!


Finding a garage door professional from the host of providers in the Philadelphia with a solid reputation is quite a difficult job. But as the saying goes nothing is impossible, therefore, finding a garage door company is also no different. With the smart ideas you can easily find out the best in line provider of garage door in your city. Here are some tips for searching the provider –


Dealer Reputation: - The foremost aspect that you need to look into is the dealer reputation. Checking the reviews, fair prices and excellent customer service helps in determining whether the provider is good enough to meet the expectations or not. Visiting their website and finding customer reviews online or taking references from your neighbours is also an ideal way to shortlist the best professionals on the city.


Along with the quality of services, you should also check the customer service of the company. This is because after the installation of the garage door, you might require professional’s help at some point of time.


Experience: - Next aspect that you need to consider is how long the dealer has been in business in your area. Different dealers have different experience; therefore, you need to do some homework to make the judgment. Check the work credibility of the provider, knowledge and quality of service provided till present.


Accreditation: - Besides being knowledge, the provider needs to be certified in doing the job. A company being accredited shows it is certified in carrying out the installation and repairing process.


Follow building codes and regulations: - While constructing a property, a lot of codes and regulations are to be taken into consideration so that safety issues are abided properly. After all, while installing or repairing the garage door there should be no harm to the people working there and to the house owner.


Insurance: - Next, insuring about the insurance of the company and its employee is crucial to check so that you do not have to face any legal complications.


Stability: - Lastly, you must check that the company stay firm on its promises and provide warranty. After all, this is something that you expect if you are investing your hard-earned money in it.


So, these are a few aspects that you need to consider when searching a provider in your city. Making the right choice helps reduce the chances of errors which proves to be beneficial for the long run.

Hopefully these tips will help you in your search for finding a reliable and a good garage door opener repair in Philadelphia. Secure for Sure offers Garage Door Opener Repair & Replacement, Spring Repair & Replacement, Cable Repair & Replacement, Off Track Repair, Extension Spring Replacement, Garage Door Repair, Garage Door Replacement, Garage Door Maintenance & Installation in Delaware, Pennsylvania, South Jersey, North Jersey and in the surrounding areas.

What’s the Right Time to Replace Your Garage Door Spring Cables?

3 min read

When should you go for garage door cable repair and replacement? It is the first thing that strikes your mind when you suspect an issue with your garage door cable. Inspecting the cables should be a periodical activity and not a causal task. Cables support the action of your torsion spring. If you don’t repair them when they need them, you are likely to experience garage door breakdowns.


Here are some instances when you should consider repairing or replacing your faulty garage door cables:


1. When there’s a Noticeable Damage


Spotting severe damage to your garage door cables? You should immediately look for a professional garage door cable repair and replacement service in your region. Don’t take any chances when you see damaged cables in front of you. Or else, it might lead to accidents. So it isn’t something that you could take on a light note.


2. When Cables Start to Fray


Seeing frayed cables in front of you? You shouldn’t look down the situation. It’s the most frequent issue with the garage door cables that a homeowner comes across. But most of the time, it gets neglected. But you shouldn’t. Spotting frayed cables is fairly easy. You just have to look for cables that get separated from each other. Consider repair or replacement as suggested by your garage door repair expert.


3. When the Garage Door Cables Break


Due to prolonged use, the cables tend to develop tension that could cause them to break them apart. If this situation happens, you will be unable to use your garage door. It will completely restrict the movement of your garage door. To address this situation, you need to inspect the cables by an experienced garage door repair specialist. He might suggest you to replace the broken cables that you should immediately act upon.


4. When Cables Get Loose


Loose cables are the reason behind garage door malfunctioning. Spotting them at the earliest helps you escape the inconvenience they cause. But to locate loose cables, you need to keep up with the inspection schedule. Or else, they will cause your garage door to stop working all of a sudden without letting you know.The periodical inspection is the only way to get the cables inspected for such issues. If the cables are in bad condition due to overuse, you might need to replace them to address the situation.




There are lots of issues with garage door cables that might demand immediate garage door cable repair and replacement. Sometimes, the wires got frayed while other times, cables might get broken. But whatever the issue is there, you need to take it on a serious note and look for possible repairs or replacements. It's the only way to avoid trouble that happens due to issues with garage door cables.

In search of a trusted garage door cable repair and replacement service? We're your first point of contact when loose cables or broken cables become your point of concern. We're Secure for Sure, a renowned name in the garage door repair industry. Let us handle all of your garage door repair concerns as we address them effectively. Reach us now!

Should You Perform a DIY or Choose a Garage Door Repair Service?

3 min read

Wondering whether you should consider garage door repair services in Delaware or do a DIY? Obviously, asking for a professional service gives you an upper hand over the DIY. Though performing a DIY seems an easy option to you but actually, it isn't. You would never know if the garage door fix you have just attempted would last long. There is also a risk of accidents.


Here are a few more reasons to invest in a professional garage door repair service than doing a DIY:


1. SavingYour Time


Time-saving is the biggest factor that encourages people to seek garage door repair services in Delaware. After all, you couldn't spend the whole day fixing your garage door. It's where a professional could help you. Since he does this kind of stuff everyday, he could do it faster than you, thus, saving your precious time.


2. Costing You Less Money


When it comes to cost, hiring a professional could be a lot cheaper than doing it DIY. If you do it on your own, either you will have to buy the garage repair tools or rent them. Either way, you would be spending more on fixing your garage door which isn't the worth. On the other hand, if you hire a professional, he would bring along all the tools required to handle the job. This way you could save the money while getting the right fix.


3. Minimizing the Risk of Injury


Dealing with a garage door is a risky affair. You could end up injuring yourself. In fact, many accidents happen every year while performing a DIY garage door. It's not worth the risk. You should rather leave it to a garage door repair expert. He will come up with all the safety tools required to do the job in a safe and sound manner that thwarts the chances of any accidents.


4. Enjoy Around the Clock Service


What would happen if you want to fix your garage door in the middle of the night? You will have to stay awake until it gets fixed. This might be inconvenient for you. It's where relying on a professional service helps you address the situation effectively. Most of garage door repair services offer 24X7 assistance. At least, you can rely on someone who can get the job done in a matter of minutes than making you awake for a long time.




Investing in professional garage door repair services in Delaware DE, Pennsylvania PA, New Jersey NJ is something you could really trust when it comes to service quality. Often, they offer quality repair you could truly bank upon. Most garage door repair experts offer quality service and even warranty on the service. In other words, you get quality repair and true worth on the money spent. Backed by service warranty, you will no longer need to be bothered about the quality of work. It satisfies your concerns and gives you peace of mind.


DIYs garage door repairs don’t last long but we do! We are Secure for Sure, the #1 garage door repair services in New Jersey NJ, Delaware DE, Pennsylvania PA. We have been trusted for service quality by over 50K clients and you could too. Give us a chance to get your garage door repair done in a budget and on-time. Contact us today!