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Looking for Stock Market Training for Beginners? Traders Gurukul offers Best Share Market Classes, Stock Market, Online Trading & Technical Analysis Courses.

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Reasons For Joining Share Market Training Classes

3 min read

Are you in a mood to learn the art of trading in the stock market? The decision is right, and we appreciate it. But trading in the stock market is not that easy until and unless you know the tips and tricks of doing business.

There are many people globally participating in stock trading and earning a good income. Many consider share trading as the main business and earning hefty doing do. The stock market is a risky prone market, so you need to learn the principles of buy and trade to taste success. If you are a beginner, it is necessary to comprehend the trading strategy, technology, and framework before trading. To gain detailed knowledge, you should join stock market courses to learn more about the trading of shares and stocks.

There is no doubt that the stock market is prone to market risk. Hence if you want to earn a good profit from the stock market, you have to learn about the market risk involved in stock trading. The training courses will let you know about these risks, and you will acquire the skills to deal with various market risks. You will learn the tricks to make the deal profitable. These courses will let you know the technical aspects so that you can do the trading successfully.

These courses will offer the best guidance on stock trading and investing strategies. You will learn about active stock trading. Once you know this technique, it will be easy for you to limit the losses. You will learn the methodology to buy and hold shares. This technology is simple, but you need to hold your patience for a long time. If you want to devote a short time for stock-trading and want a potential income regularly, these courses will make you known about momentum trading.

Selection of right stock market training course

Proper training in stock market trading will help you deal with the market risks successfully and earn more profit. But here you should select the best training course to learn in detail about stock market trading. So, here you should follow specific tips before you join stock market courses.

• The course you select must offer the best package at the most affordable price.

• It would help if you made a comparison between the courses offered by different institutes. You should take a look at the courses offered and the technical areas covered by these courses.

• You should check whether the patterns and the techniques offered by these courses suit your expectations or not.

• These trading courses should cover risk mitigation and technology related to money management. So you should check whether the course you select covers these areas or not.

• These curses should cover all advanced technologies in the practice sessions.

If you are still wondering which institute to join for your stock market courses, then we will surely take the name of Traders Gurukul. The faculties of this institute are having years of experience in the industry. They are known for offering the best training to the students opting for the course.

Traders Gurukul

The Importance of Stock Market Webinars and Courses for Beginners

3 min read

Your investments in the stock market could grow by many folds if you are enlightened with insightful knowledge in trading. To get this intelligence, many people join stock market webinars and you could too. Trading could be profitable and at the same time risky too. At every step, you need to make the right decisions. The stock trading courses give you that much-needed insight into successful trading techniques.

Trading courses put you on a path to experience financial success. These courses prepare you better to take on the trading with high success by helping you with:

1. Fundamentals of Stock Trading

Stock trading isn’t just about buying and selling stocks. You need to think about various other fundamental factors such as the company’s growth outlook, tailwinds, headwinds and various other things. You get to learn these stock market fundamentals during stock market webinars. Enrolling in these seminars help you get hold of the basics of trading that lays a strong foundation.

2. Mastering the Art of Setting Goals

Every trader wants to gain massive returns but to accomplish that, you need to set your goals right. Goal setting should be done right from the start! Every single factor that influences trading should be taken into account while setting your goals. For instance, you need to think of the investment amount, the risk you are willing to take and the time you could invest to gain financial growth. The trading courses help you master the goal setting.

3. Distinguishing Information and Emotions

Best trading decisions could only be made when you stay emotion-free while investing in the stock market. It's easy to get away with the quantum of information available in hand. You need to have that intelligent quotient that lets you make the right call amidst lots of noise. The stock trading courses develop that trait in you to make the right financial decisions that don't get influenced by emotions.

4. Building an Outstanding Portfolio

With insights gained from stock trading courses and webinars, you get to know the tips and tricks to build a perfect investment portfolio. These courses for stock market give you the wisdom to spread your investments across a gamut of industries and company sizes. They give you the much-needed intelligence to consider the overall picture of investments than just limiting them to just one single stock.


Learning through stock trading courses, seminars and webinars empowers you with the key knowledge in trading. Leveraging your learning from these courses, you stay in much control over your financial decisions and investments. Also, you get to know how to keep the stock trading nuances at bay. You prepare better to invest in a phased manner and gain healthy returns. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or an expert trader, these stock trading webinars level you up to take on trading in a confident way.

Interested to master the art of trading? Join stock market webinars from I3T3 to level up your knowledge in trading and leverage it for your financial gains. The trading courses we teach online are designed by the industry's top traders who have learned the art of trading in a hard way but are willing to extend their tips for you at just a fraction of the price. Visit our website to learn more about trading courses and webinars we offer.

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Stock Trading Webinars – Why You Need to Join Them?

3 min read

The stock market trading requires you to be familiar with all aspects of trading to make your investments count. Stock trading webinars give you that much-needed understanding of the market that is needed to be successful. Nowadays, everyone aspires to earn a serious amount of money and trading gives the right kick-start to your money-making dreams. You just have to learn the insights by enrolling in courses and grow your money by several folds.

These webinars are part of trading courses that one has to do before putting his hard-earned money into trading. Let’s help you get insight into the topic:

1. Grow Your Investments Like You Never Did

With stock trading webinars, you unlock the key to earning a high amount of money from trading. Most of these courses emphasize on investing money in the long run over the short run. Long-term investments really pay off very well. Investing in a twelve-month trade or more keeps the hassles out of moving in and moving out of positions too frequently. You get a chance to earn more money in the long run than just small profits.

2. Get to Know the Right Time to Move Money

Moving in and moving out at the right time is the key to making profits in the stock market. The online seminars equip with the knowledge to make the right move. You get hands-on trading tips from the industry’s top professionals who have made their mark in the stock market industry. The crucial tips from them let you know how to protect your money in trading by making the right move at the right time.

3. Learn to Test the Water Before You Step In

Investing in stock trading seminars and courses let you know the intricacies involved. You learn the crucial tips and tricks to make the right investment decision. As a newbie, it saves your day as you could utilize the knowledge gain from these courses in making the right investment decision. These courses are designed in a way that helps you become a pro at trading and trade with confidence.

4. Build Your Portfolio Without Hits and Trials

It’s all about building an impressive portfolio to get the name and fame in the market. But it doesn’t happen overnight. You need to learn the insider tips from a trader who has achieved the milestone and could extend the knowledge to you to grow your portfolio exceptionally well. The webinars equip you with the tips and tricks to build your portfolio from scratch. With knowledge gain from webinars, you get the time-tested techniques to build a strong portfolio.


Trading is a tough nut to crack but with the right trading course, you could master the art of becoming a successful trader. Trading is just like another skilled profession that requires a guru to walk you through. The trading courses act as your guru to help you get the intelligence needed to become an outstanding stock market trader. So learn to make your stock market investments count by considering an appropriate online trading course.

Want to join the industry's best stock trading webinars to boost your knowledge in trading? Join I3T3 webinars to get insight into successful trading techniques. We teach trading techniques that really matter. Join our webinar sessions now to learn the tricks of the trade.

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Why Share Market Class?

3 min read

Share Market is a wealth generator. It is like any other business. While you earn from the share market, it is also important to learn. Every businessman has to learn to continue in his business and adjust to the changing markets. Share Market is not different. In the Share Market there a variety of businesses being bought and sold every day.

Understanding: Why, What, Who, When, Where, and How is very important. Every single piece of information can play an important part in whether a trade is a profitable trade or a loss-making trade.

Some essential parts to understand, on Share Markets:

The How part:

There is a need to buy and sell shares. How to do it? Is understood. How to decide which share to buy?

While news and other information sellers are available, it is important to understand the reason behind a sell or a buy. By following someone else’s information, it is difficult to become successful in the share market. Doing anything without reasoning is not a good decision.

Share Market learning can be learned in two parts:

1.            Fundamental Analysis

2.            Technical Analysis.

Fundamental Analysis tells about the value of a share. Technical Analysis talks about the demand/supply of the share and its effect on the price.

Fundamental Analysis is required for a medium to long term investment. A share is held for a long period of time and fundamentals are the report card of a share from a company. Fundamentals give the confidence to invest in a stock. There are various fundamentals that are different for different industries. It is important to understand these differences and look at the right details in every share of a particular industry.

With the help of fundamental analysis, one can stay invested for longer periods of time. Staying invested requires timely analysis and tracking of the stock performance. Understanding the different industries, different parameters to be followed per industry are important. Determine if the share is doing well or not. A fundamental study will not help, in predicting or give detail into what happens on the next trading day.

Technical Analysis helps in understanding the demand and supply of a certain share in the markets. Demand and Supply help in determining the price of a stock. The price of the stock goes up and down, based on market sentiments, news of the day, broader global markets, and the situations not in control of the market.

Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis are two faces of the same coin. Both Technical and Fundamental Analysis capability makes a share market participant, capable of handling short-, medium- and long-term ups and downs of the market. It is important to understand the topics in detail and keep learning. Learning is the only way to stay ahead and gain the required knowledge to keep moving ahead and achieve the goals.

Keep the learning going and check Traders Gurukul, an extensive share market classes platform; where learning is immense. Traders Gurukul provides extensive share market classes under free and paid categories. Come learn and be a part of lifelong learning and lifelong success in share markets.

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Questions to Ask Yourself While Searching for the Right Stock Trading Course

3 min read

Trying to find out the best online stock trading course? There are plenty of them online, which one would work best for you? Got confused? Don’t worry, choosing the right trading course is possible if you know what to look for in a course. You need to invest in a course that gives bang for your bucks. The course should provide you the much-needed knowledge. It should teach you how to trade profitably using the right strategies and techniques.

You need to ask yourself a series of questions to choose the course that really matters to you. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before investing in a stock market trading course.

1. Should I Take an Online Trading Course or Classroom-Based?

This is the foremost question that pops up in mind while choosing an appropriate trading course. You have the option to choose from a useful online stock trading course or an in-class course. Obviously, an online course works best for most traders. It's because you can learn at your pace if you choose an online trading course which isn't possible in the case of an in-person trading course. If you are a working professional, investing in an online stock market course would work best for you given your office’s tight work schedule.

2. Which Type of Trading Course Will Be Appropriate for Me?

If you are a beginner in trading, you should opt-in to a trading course that teaches you all aspects of trading rather than limiting to one or two strategies. A comprehensive online stock market course will work like a charm for you to polish your knowledge and skills in trading. It will most likely cover all aspects of stock market investments from short-selling to equities and everything that’s involved in between.

3. Who Could Be the Best Type of Instructor for Me?

The best instructors are often those trade professionals who have succeeded in trading and can help you get succeeded too. Most of these traders operate online and share their insight into trading techniques through online courses and webinars. They could be great instructors for you as you could learn from their experience in trading and put that into practice to make trading work for you just like it worked for them.

4. Which Trading Techniques Do a Great Stock Market Trading Courses Use?

The right trading course incorporates real-world trading techniques. It's no big-brainer. A perfect trading course uses trading techniques that are respected in the industry. The course should include algorithm trading techniques and theories that are proven to earn high profits in the stock market.              


Only investing in the right trading course matters if you really want to grow your money and become a successful trader. An ideal trading course should teach you everything from scratch that you need to up and running in the stock market industry. A little investment in learning through the right trading course pays off well in the near future. So put your hard-earned money in the right course that could help you get successful in the stock trading.

Consider investing in the I3T3 online stock trading course that teaches all of the crucial aspects of stock market trading. Our trading courses are designed to help a beginner like you to excel at trading. The curriculum of these trading courses is exclusively designed by the stock market's top professionals. Learn from them to make trading profitable for you. Join our trading courses now!

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Stock Market Training by Traders Gurukul

2 min read

Stock Markets are wide open and provide a new opportunity every day. The Stock Market is for speculators, investors, and traders. To invest in the stock market a few basic steps are needed, before starting the journey:

a. To know what a stock is, stock market and details of what happens.

b. A Demat account to buy and sell shares.

c. The markets operating in the country etc.

Anyone who starts with the basic understanding of trading and buy/sell process can start trading in the market. While, it seems easy and exciting to buy and sell, looking at news and from the knowledge of known sources; a few mistakes can prove to be very expensive. There are many of them, who have never returned to markets after the first attempts to enter stock markets have failed.

To avoid paying tuition fees in form of losses and to gain confidence systematically, a good learning program is a must. A Stock Market Training helps understand various fundamental and technical aspects of trading stocks. These basics then help in understanding, what is:

1. A Risk

2. How to avoid losses.

3. How to restrict losses.

4. Understanding the why, what, where, when, who and how part of stock markets.

A short snippet of knowledge to share. “Never put all your eggs in the same basket” is a well-known quote. This is the first thing to learn about Stock Markets. Greed to gain can lead you to get locked in one such investment or stock. Hence, always have an optimal diversification.

Stock Market Training is essentials to know such basics from the seasoned players in the markets. Learning is a lifelong process. Always invest in yourself; this is the best investment.

At Traders Gurukul, we believe good training and continuous learning is the process to stay relevant in the market; like any other field of work. Join our community of budding and enthusiastic traders to grow in the markets and grow rich with knowledge and wealth.

Happy Trading!!! Reach us at Traders Gurukul.

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4 Key Trading Rules to Learn from Gann Trading

3 min read

Trading rules and strategies from Gann trading have been used for years in the trading industry. This trading technique stands out among thousands of ways to trade in the stock market. The rules set by this trading technique can shape up your financial future if you put them to use. Gann indicators are based on geometric angles. These angles precisely measure each factor from price to the time-frame. You could get insight into past, current and future market conditions.

Here are some trading rules from Gann theory of trading to help you put on the right course while trading:

1. Never Ever Indulge in Overtrading

According to Gann trading rule, you should never overtrade. If you risk it overtrading, you will get stuck into multiple losses. Set realistic goals and open only a handful of trades per day to minimize the risk involved. Limiting the number to 2 or 3 trades a day is the best way to start with it.

2. Keep the Doubt Out of Trading

An element of doubt could put your trading into a path to losses. So you should keep doubt at bay while trading. If you aren’t sure how to trade without doubt, better get a trading guide or look for a course that teaches you ins and outs of the trading process. To be confident while trading, make sure you back-test your trading guide to get to know when to trade in and trade out.

3. Invest Only in Active Stocks

Being a trader, you should know where to invest. Trading in active stocks works best because they have huge movements. You shouldn’t invest in inactive companies where the chances of money movement are pretty low. Similarly, you should treat the currencies. Invest in volatile currencies such as Euro, GBP and USD rather than investing in emerging markets currencies.

4. Divide Capital into Several Parts

Trading is uncertain, in most cases. It’s because stock market trading depends heavily on macro-economic, micro-economic and various other factors. Any incidence in or out of the country you trade could affect the trading. For instance, in a war-like situation, the market falls down rigorously. This is why you shouldn't put all the eggs in just one basket. You should divide your capital into 10 equal parts and invest in trades accordingly. If one market gets affected, you won’t suffer that badly.


Stock market trading is unpredictable so you should keep the rule handbook with you to ensure minimum risk. Using theories such as Gunn theory, Elliott wave theory could help you predict the price move in a better way. You should learn from these theories and make the right move while trading to optimize your chances for financial success. Get your hold over Gunn theory principles to leverage its potential to earn more and emerge as a successful trader.

Want to learn Gann trading? We could be of great help to you! Invest in I3T3 program to master the intricacies of the trading process. We have helped several traders in making the best of the lessons learned from Gann patterns and trading techniques. Register with us now to learn Gann principles for trading. 

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An Investment in Stocks - A Way to Earn

3 min read

Shares simply refer to the ownership of a company. In today’s times, there are a tremendous number of business opportunities for people. However, business related to the stock market or share market is in practice for a good lot of decades. Shares and stocks are not really exceptionally different from each other, the only dissimilarity which exists is the difference in syntax. Ownership of a company is divided into shares and all the shares, on a whole, are referred to as stocks. However, this business is surrounded by risks as well. People have to think twice while investing in stocks.

Anyway, if a person is experienced and understands the right method of continuing with this whole business, he may even experience utterly impressive profits. All a person may need is a considerable level of knowledge, expertise and experience. For this, a person should go for a proper course so that he can attain a good degree of understanding and proficiency related to the field. However, there are many companies, which are offering share market or stock market courses online. In these courses, required information and proper knowledge is delivered by the industry experts. Moreover, it is really important for a person to develop a proper and complete understanding of this subject. A person should truly have command over the business of shares and stocks. It'll increase his chances of earning profits.

There are different ways of earning more by investing in shares. These are as follows:

Growth of capital: A person should sell the share for more than he bought it for. He should understand how the business works and should stay updated with the price. The market price fluctuates depending on various factors.

Regular income: When a company experience profits, the shareholders receive payments in the form of dividends.

The Stock Exchange basically governs and regulates the complete and extensive business of buying and selling shares.

A stock market is essentially a common place where investors and individuals come together for buying and selling shares. The prices of shares witness many fluctuations and they are certainly unstable. The prices vary with a change in the demand and supply in the market.

People buy shares and stocks to absolutely earn a really good amount of money and to reach a level of economic well being. Not only this, but they also get a chance to own a part of some well-known company. If done correctly, this trade actually has a certain level of potential in terms of capital growth.

By doing investment, you basically assign your money with some work. Investing will double up your money accordingly but, at the same time, investment in shares must be done very carefully and safely.

You'll face both profits and losses in this particular chain of investments, but what'll keep you for long in this market is your way of understanding and strategizing things. Investing in stocks and shares is not everyone's cup of tea, but for once, if you get into this, there is no going back.

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Technical Analysis for an Efficient Trading

3 min read

Many investors figure and analyze the basic quantitative and qualitative information that contributes to the economic well-being of a company. It includes revenue, valuation of industry trends etc. However, these mentioned fundamental components are not always reflected in the standard market price. Nonetheless, there is something known as technical analysis which predicts the price movements by assessing and evaluating the past data. In other terms, technical analysis, in a way, helps the investors by guiding them what is most reasonable to happen in the future by analyzing and evaluating the past information. Literally, a high grade of knowledge and expertise is required to undertake the technical analysis. A person who is highly educated in this field can take up this work. Also, in the beginning, it may seem to be as easy and effortless but that’s not the real picture. The skill of understanding is firmly required here.

There are different approaches to technical analysis. These are as follows:

Top-down approach: This approach is put into practice by short-term traders. This approach is a broader approach that takes into account the whole of the economy rather than concentrating on individual safeties and securities. It does the macroeconomic analysis. As already mentioned, this is taken up by short-term traders, it clearly means that the trader’s focus is on earning short-term profits and they do not really focus on long-term valuations.

Bottom-up approach: Next up we have is the bottom-up approach. Unlike the top-down approach, it focuses on individual securities and negates the macroeconomic evaluation. Investors, here, hold long-term and lasting views.

Today, there are many academies and organizations offering efficient technical analysis courses. These are well-designed courses, which offer even the smallest of the details regarding the subject. These courses make people understand the trading patterns, money-making and money generating techniques. They, moreover, make a person understand how to calculate risks. This way a person even learns the risk-analysis techniques too.

This course is a combination of theoretical as well as practical understanding and mastery of trading. The knowledge in these courses is rendered by the industry experts. They offer you a platform where you can have an open discussion regarding the trading techniques and everything with these professionals. You can, undoubtedly, put forward your views regarding the same. They help you understand the technical analysis of the stock.

These courses help students understand the pros and cons of technical analysis and help them to set up trading strategies as well. They make them understand how to use different trading software. These courses are even available for the students who are fresh to this field.

Technical analysis works on probabilities and possibilities. They are not certain in nature.

Regardless, it is still beneficial to the investors as they get an idea of what may happen in the future. These are the reasons why a person needs to be really proficient in this trading business. Building strategies for trading may seem to be as easy and manageable, but putting them into practice is quite a hard and overwhelming task.

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Significance of Training before Trading

3 min read

The world of the stock market is full of complexities and there is no hidden fact that it needs proper knowledge to invest in it. Thus, it is important to acquire enough knowledge and skills to get a proper entry into the stock and trade market. Not only the share market courses online are worthy enough to be a part of the stock market to earn money as it requires proper training too. A blend of in-depth knowledge & understanding with training is a perfect fit to get success in the right way. The implementation of all knowledge is possible with a piece of training.

When it comes to getting entered into the stock market, then it has two aspects such as profit and loss. There are equal chances of getting either a profit or a loss and even more likely to suffer a loss if you have not got any proper training that not able to predict the market well relying upon the given statistics. Many people do a lot of mistakes that they invest in the stock market with very limited knowledge and understanding with a focus on money matters only. It does give any positive results and it leads to bear more losses along with a small amount of profit that can’t compensate the lost amount.

The increasing glory of the stock and trade market is grabbing the attention of the more and more investors as well as traders from all across the globe. If you get a share market courses online from a good institute, then they are more likely to provide you with full technical knowledge regarding the trading stocks, expected movements of price, and their trends and patterns.

The stock market has been regarded as the simplest and easiest way to earn a lot of money in a limited time. But it has two parts like a coin as you could lose everything and it has more chances as well. Different kinds of trading platforms are available in the stock market, which offers unlimited opportunities and a lot of time to do trading at their convenience. Thus, before getting into this field of traders and trading, it is essential to aware of all the risks associated with trading.

The stock market can’t restrain the general public due to the geographical zone and understanding different components. Any person who has vested interest in exchanging can get entered into the market of trading and shares. It is vital to get prepared while entering this market as it has up and downs that you must understand for earning a good amount. The live market is different from what we learned from the courses and it must accompany with a full-fledged training.

Nowadays, the number of stock training institutes is increasing that proffer different courses and we need to focus on picking up the best with in-depth training in the stock market. Needless to say, knowledge is not enough to work in any field as perfect practical training is of utmost importance to succeed and get profits.