What Are Human Factors That Cause ill Health?

What Are Human Factors That Cause ill Health?

Human factors are mainly concerned with knowing more about the behaviors, abilities, limitations, and other characterizes that play a crucial role in ensuring wellbeing or danger to human existence. The world is reliant on human beings to make things work or fail. The better humans work or behave in a society, the better results they can get for the rest of mankind. On the other hand, if human beings are not inclined towards goodness and do not pay attention to the overall wellbeing and prosperity, it will result in ill health and other problems.

On one hand, the technology and development of tools and machinery have played a significant role in progress, but on the other hand, it has also resulted in some problems.  Human factors have a key role to play in causing ill health to others. It can be anything, from accident to sickness and stress to unexpected events caused by lack of knowledge, skills, and unsafe behaviors. A crisis can result in any form. It can be due to a car accident or burning a house or disasters and other life-changing events that often result from human factors.

This article discusses some top human factors that can cause ill health as they are so overwhelming and overpowering that they affect the mental and physical wellbeing of the concerned people.

Psychological Factors That Cause Ill Health

psychological cause ill healthPsychological human factors can be the worse when it comes to causing ill health and its effects which are lasting and affect human behavior to a great extent. People suffering from low self-esteem can turn to alcohol or other substance to feel better and do better in society.  It can also lead to risky s…ual behavior that results in STDs or accidents and some serious injury or even death.

Many people end up eating more that leads to sickness and eating disorders. Study of dissertation writing service firm is that these conditions result from the cruelty of people who make fun of others for their unsightly appearance, lack of education, or struggle with certain issues.

Social Factors That Cause Ill Health

There are certain social factors too that lead to health issues. They include:

  • Poor living conditions and poverty
  • Limited or no access to proper sanitation, infrastructure, or healthcare
  • Unemployment or inability to afford to live
  • Dirty or badly maintenance living conditions

Such conditions leave people frustrated, and they end up hurting themselves or their family members, resorting to violence and crime. Women can end up with commercial sex to support their families; it demoralizes them and causes STDs if they are not careful. Living in dirty or unhealthy places can also increase the risk of ill health and accidents that causes further deterioration to human existence and wellbeing.

Forced Religious Factors That Cause Illness

Many people are forced to endure ill mental health due to religious factors. People are made to drink and eat harmful substances in the name of God or to seek blessings from God. Their trust in their religious leaders prevents them from saying no to such things, and they are afraid of ill omen.

Many people do not believe in western medicine and think only prayers will heal them. It puts their life in excessive danger, and even by the time they seek medical help, they are too much in distress.

Terrorist attacks are also performed by religious extremists who kill others just in the name of God. It is also a crucial factor that causes risky behavior and ill health in many.

Cultural Factors That Cause Ill Health

Many man-made cultural factors are also very deteriorating for human health. These practices include wife a window being forced to marry her husband’s late brother, unfaithfulness in marriage, forced se.. as the women may not be willing, and others that increase the risk of other psychological and physical problems in the long run.

Lifestyle Problems

Lifestyle ProblemsSometimes ill health and other problems result from the way you live your life.  An essay writing services firm’s people end up suffering from diseases that result from unhealthy lifestyles, bad eating habits, excessive drinking, and substance abuse. Genetic factors also play a key role and cause diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, chronic liver disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stress, and anxiety. Other problems include heart disease, stroke, obesity, osteoporosis, etc. Unsafe s..ual behavior can also result in HIV, AIDS, and STDs.

All these problems can become fatal if they are not managed the right way. Sometimes, lack of medical attention is also a big factor in complicating these problems. Lifestyle problems can also result from poverty and gender imbalance, and these are mostly attributed to a lack of governance or bad governance and corruption.

Rap.. and s..ual abuse are the most common human factors that cause problems in communities, especially in third-world countries. Women in such communities are forced against their will and this leads to further deterioration in the society when a family unit is disturbed.

Lack Of Exercise

A sedentary lifestyle is another human factor that can cause health issues. Bad eating habits are the biggest threat for people with inactive lifestyles. People eat fried and sugary foods, smoke, abuse substances, and have other such habits that can have very bad effects on health as time passes.

It mostly occurs with people who either live alone or are unhappy in their relationships. It also includes people who face problems at work and they end up watching too much TV, using too much internet and eat their favorite foods just to forget their problems.

Human factors refer to environmental, organizational, and job factors, along with human and individual characteristics. They influence behavior at work in a way that affects the health and safety of others around them. By understanding these factors and their role in society, it becomes easy for authorities and governments to know what people are doing or what they should do. They can determine the tasks that are involved, and who is doing it, depending on their competence and where they are working to better understand the social concerns.