Which Tools You Should Use For Dissertation Citation Creation

Which Tools You Should Use For Dissertation Citation Creation

Have you faced problems while citing your references? Don’t worry because many students face this issue while doing their thesis. They lose grades as well because of wrong citations. They also spend a lot of time creating manual citations. But the students don’t know that they can save time, and grades by using tools for dissertation citation creation.

Referencing tools are useful for generating, and formatting references. You can cite these references within your dissertation. These software, or online tools also allow you to save these references. Through these, you can create references, and bibliography lists in an easy way. This signifies why you should use referencing tools while doing your thesis. In this article, experts of dissertation writing services will enlist some popular tools for dissertation citation creation. You can choose the one that you think is best for your work.


Endnote is a famous reference management tool for dissertation citation creation. It allows you to import references from sources like Google Scholar, and PubMed. You can also import references by uploading the file in a specific format. You can cite the unpublished work by using Endnotes as well. This platform gives you a format for manual citation creation. You can add references while writing through Endnote. You can also add in-text citations, and it will generate the reference list at the end itself. Endnote allows you to use many citation formats like APA, and MLA too.


It is a free citation tool that cites, organises, and shares research resources. Zotero senses the content in your web browser itself. This is because it comes with a browser extension that can sense the content. It picks the nature of content, and displays it within the address bar. Users can click on this icon for adding references to their list. You can drag this list from the Zotero library to your document as well. Moreover, this platform also supports all the famous citation formats.


RefWorks is quite similar to the platform Endnote. But it also helps in saving the references online. You can access, and update your references from anywhere around the world through RefWorks. You only need an internet connection for getting access to your reference list. RefWorks also allows you to add an in-text citation, and generate a reference list at the end. It also provides a wide range of formats for dissertation citation creation.


Paperpile is an Add-on of google docs for managing the references. This tool is most appropriate for you if you’re using google docs for paper writing. You can download Paperpile from the Google store. It is also attached to your Google account, which provides ease of usage. Paperpile allows you to import citations from Endnote, or Zotero into google docs. Through this platform, you can also import papers from Google Scholar. Moreover, you can also generate citations in different formats.


Docear is a free tool that helps in saving everything you read in the literature. It also helps in finding relevant literature. Docear is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can drag, and drop data in the available graphical interfaces. It also provides you with the interface for creating the paper’s outline. You can also add annotations, and references into relevant sections through this tool.


It is a reference software for dissertation citation creation on Latex. JabRef allows you to generate a bibliography, and manage citations as well. It is a free, and well-maintained tool. It is both simple, and easy to use. You can download the citation in BibTeX format, and paste it into this software. It also allows you to export many papers at the same time. JabRef also supports a wide range of referencing formats. This aspect helps in the management, and creation of citations according to the guidelines.

Cite This For Me

Cite this for me is another famous tool for dissertation citation creation. It includes different citation formats like that of APA, MLA, and Harvard. Cite this for me is a great tool for citing references in a short amount of time. It is also a great tool for citing websites as research sources. Many referencing tools are not good in citing websites. But Cite This For Me proves to be highly beneficial especially for BS psychology dissertation.


Dissertation citation creation is not an easy task for many students. This is because they have to do multiple revisions of their tasks as well. They also lose grades because of wrong citations, which becomes a cause of stress for them. In this case, students have to use referencing tools for dissertation citation creation. There are different tools available that the students can use according to their needs. Endnote, RefWorks, and Zotero are the most popular tools for dissertation citation creation. In short, students should make use of these for saving both their time, and effort.