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Exciting Trends of Halloween in Different Universities

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Halloween is an exciting tradition that is celebrated every year on October 31st in various countries around the globe. The history of Halloween dates back to the pagan rituals thousands of years ago. With the passage of time, Halloween customs and rituals have changed and now the element of commercialism has become the defining trait of Halloween. Halloween traditions are also celebrated by the higher education institutes where new and exciting trends are emerging every year to add to the emotion of the festival.    

MIT’s Annual Pumpkin Drop:

As told by experts of a dissertation writing service, MIT is considered top among the higher education institutions of the world based on its academic and employer reputation. The university celebrates the spirit of Halloween in its peculiar way. Students of the university gather on the evening of 31st October for the MIT’s annual pumpkin drop. In this event, 100 pumpkins are dropped from 90 meters or from the 21st floor of the Green Building onto the McDermott Court below. The pumpkins used in this event are the ones that were carved a while ago and are getting rotten so it is better to use them as a part of this fun tradition instead of throwing them away. 

Rush Rhees Library Scare Fair at University of Rochester:

It is said that a ghost called Pete Nicosia haunt the library of the University of Rochester. Legend says that during the construction of the building in the late 1920’s, Nicosia was working as a mason’s helper. When they were working on the library tower Nicosia slipped and fell 150 feet to his death. Later students of the university reported that he saw a man walking on the roof who exactly matched the description of Pete Nicosia. After that various individuals reported the sightings of Nicosia around the library. The University of Rochester arranges a scare fair scavenger hunt every year on Halloween.  Students enjoy this unique tradition and the winners also get a chance to visit the library tower where they enjoy Halloween treats as they take a scary tour through the stacks of books. 

Georgetown University’s Healy Howl:

Fan of horror movies may have seen or at least heard of The Exorcist. Parts of this movie were shot at Georgetown University. Due to this, students of the university are following a unique tradition since 1973 in which they gather either at Copley Lawn or Gaston Hall every Halloween to celebrate the festivities in a distinct way. The movie finishes just before midnight and students assemble in the local cemetery at midnight and howl at the moon.

Pennsylvania State University’s Pumpkin Festival:

Every year at Penn State University a Pumpkin Festival is organized just before Halloween, where students are provided with pumpkins for the preparation of the event. The university hands out around 1,000 pumpkins a few days before the contest to prepare and submit them before a certain date. The carved pumpkins are then judged and awarded with ribbons for the best three pumpkins in each category. The various categories are the best pumpkin in show, the best pop culture theme, the best Penn state theme and the best Arboretum. There are a lot of other fun activities along with the contest that the students can enjoy. 

UCLA’s All Hill Halloween:

All Hill Halloween is an annual event organized by the UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles), where the university invites over 2,500 elementary and middle school students who belong to low income backgrounds. These kids dress up and enjoy the festivities of Halloween around UCLA’s residence halls. The event arranged by the university establishes a safe and friendly environment for these children to go trick and treat, which may not be offered by their own neighbourhoods. Students of the university also enjoy this event by decorating their halls and buying lot of sweets for this enjoyable event on Halloween. 

All of these trends add up to the festivities and celebrations of the Halloween. By providing these exciting experiences universities are helping individuals to make the festival more amusing and enjoyable. Among all these trends, we need to remember that the main spirit of these festivals is to provide opportunities to people to meet and greet each other and celebrate their happiness together. In the age of advancement where people don’t get enough time for each other in their tough schedules, these festivals facilitate to bridge the gaps between family and friends. On this Halloween spend some time with your friends and family to enjoy the real happiness of life. 

How To Write An Appendix Essay With These Guidelines?

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The writing of reports and essays requires a consistent and continuous concentration on facts that explicitly supports the main subject or statement. However, in many cases, the research project can yield a lot more detail. The problem with that bulk of the material is where it should be included. If it is connected to the topic only loosely, adding it to the main text can detract from the core argument and result in a fragmented piece of writing which is structurally messy and cluttered. In these cases, this additional detail is better reduced by adding an appendix to the end of the document.

What Is An Appendix?

The type of information usually used when writing an appendix may be historical or statistical information, graphical representations of the study results, specific details related to analysis or mathematical procedures, raw data, or any additional information that focuses on a particular aspect of the subject in a tangentially important, rather than explicitly applicable manner. According to an essay writing service, the appendix is a raw data or extra material, usually provided at the end or after the document's citation page with references in the main text. Often, when you write an assignment for your school, the teacher or professor recommends its location. It is used to give your readers further insights into the topic being discussed in that document. Writing an appendix is a crucial component of constructing a written document in a way that serves two purposes: the subject's purpose, and the audience's needs.

What To Include Appendix?

A written appendix in the human digestive system functions in the same way as appendix-remove it, and without it the body will still function very well. Besides, a written text must work independently of its appendix. The central subject must be dealt with within the text's main body, and all the supporting claims must not depend on the information in the appendix. The purpose behind writing an appendix is not to create a place for information that cannot be accommodated easily in the main text. To write an appendix it is important to consider the two key viewpoints that any good piece of writing requires to represent. Such are: The claims of the speaker, and the speaker and the listener, and the aspirations of the listener.

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Also, to formulate and compose an appendix effectively, the writer needs to have a clear understanding of the intent of writing to determine the material that should remain in the working body and which material should be submitted to the appendix. The following question needs to be answered when making choices about writing an appendix and whether the material should be placed in the appendix or incorporated into the main argument: Is this information or material vital for the core point and topic?

If this is the case, then the key text will contain it. However, if it is too long or too detailed, it might be better to summarize it, including the essential points in the main text, and then write an appendix to place the entire material in the dedicated section of the document. From long quotations and long lists to detailed procedures and unnecessary raw data, this can apply to anything. The second question that needs to be answered when planning to write an appendix is this: Is it more convenient for the reader to include this information in the main text or put it in a separate section? Once, it may be better for a reader to have all of the relevant details in the main text, rather than needing to refer to an appendix which can sometimes be cumbersome and impractical. 

Nonetheless, if this means that the main text will be difficult to read as lengthy and informative material would interfere with the general flow of the argument, then the writer should compose appendix to this appendix and relegate the content. A solid description inside the main text and a reference to the appendix where the material is available in its entirety should then be provided to the reader. Deciding how the material should be structured and organized when writing an appendix must balance the requirements and preferences of both writer and reader.

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It is best to review the style guides or style manuals for guidance on all written work and precisely how to structure and compose an appendix, before writing an appendix. These include the Chicago Manual of Style, which is generally used for books and papers, or the American Psychological Association's (APA) MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (MLA) and Publication Manual, often used for academic papers. Various academic and other institutions, industries, and occupations have their own preferred rules and conventions for the structuring and editing of written texts and these should always be reviewed when writing an appendix.

How to Write a Scientific Dissertation Literature Review

5 min read

Scientific Dissertation Literature ReviewA literature review is an analysis of the scholarly paper on a special topic. It enlarges previous knowledge, methods and theories. A scientific literature review presents critical knowledge of the dissertation that has been published on a special topic by qualified researches. According to the dissertation writing service, a scientific research paper can be a part of the grant proposal and stand-alone dissertation. 


Importance of Scientific Literature Review 

A scientific dissertation literature review improves the knowledge of the students about his or her selected topic. It enlarges to the readers with new and accurate information. Writing a scientific literature review demonstrates and highlights the literature searching abilities of the students. It shows how much you can develop your critical analysis skills. By writing a literature review, you can demonstrate your communication as well as writing skills. 


Writing a Scientific Literature Review 

In the first section, you need to assume the reader with your specific topic. Don’t forget to use precise, clear and to the point summary of your topic. Often students include ambiguous writing in the review and it the big cause of the confusion. Always use similes and humour in your writing. Writing a scientific literature review requires your objectivity, therefore, use the passive voice and avoid assumptions in your statements. 


Problem Formulation 

Problem formulation is the major stage of the scientific dissertation literature review that you should write very carefully. In this section, you should write which topic is being discussed? Demonstrate and highlight all key aspects that you have included and excluded from your research topic. After writing this, don’t forget to demonstrate to define your scope of research. 


Literature Searching and Background Information 

In this section, you can give proper information about the resources that you have used by getting a dissertation literature review help for collecting good material. For example, you have used Wikipedia, university website and associations in order to collect relevant material. Don’t hesitate to write a general literature search. Providing specific literature search and its complete detail is also most important. For example, you have used library databases and advanced research tools such as Google Scholar and Pub Med. You must write all the key references related to your topic. Discussing major resources will give complete information to the reader and the reader can understand it easily. 


Critical Analysis 

In the scientific dissertation literature review, you should write provenances such as authors’ credentials and major arguments. Along with that, you should write objectives such as different prospect that highlight the importance of the dissertation. Critical thinking will offer you author’s data convening. Conducting a critical analysis of the scientific dissertation enlarges to the reader about the qualities and weakness of the dissertation. Conducting critical analysis requires good observational skills. Most students don’t understand what critical thinking is. If you want to get in-depth information then you should follow the words of the Cottrell who has stated that “The process of looking at ideas and information critically, taking nothing for granted, but questioning accuracy, motivation and inferences, and seeking new understanding, connections and insights.” 


Evaluation and Interpretation 

The section of the evaluation and interpretation is also considered as a concluding part of the literature review that highlights the arguments and opinions of the readers. In this section, the writer should include his critical analysis and decisions. For example, what important points you have noted in the research section. How much material is good and relevant to the topic? Make sure that your scientific dissertation is coherent and highlight all the key points at a time. Students should sue heading and subheading in the long reviews. 


Structuring a Scientific Dissertation Literature Review 

Make sure that you have well-structured to the scientific dissertation literature review such as introduction, main body, SWOT analysis and conclusion. In writing the introduction, main body and conclusion, you should follow the instructions of your institute. You should write supporting sentences in your dissertation review. Write additional section such as abstracts, tables of contents and acknowledgement in a concise manner.


Major Understandings about Scientific Dissertation Literature Review 

It is not an English essay that you can conduct by using scientific writing. Often students think that it is the complete summary of the article that you have written, therefore, don’t include personal opinions and thoughts in the dissertation. A scientific literature review is not a chronological history of the events that you have faced in the research area. So if you are going to write a scientific literature review, you should highlight its main purpose of writing. Provide in-depth information about new scientific insights and conflicting results in your scientific literature review. Make sure that you have written a clear statement of the scope in the scientific literature review and demonstrated the range of research.

Planning, Structuring and Writing Your PhD Coursework

4 min read

Writing PhD coursework requires a lot of struggle as well as progression. Students often consider intimidating to plan, structure and write a PhD coursework. Almost in all the fields, students are required to construct and inscribe lengthy coursework in order to earn a doctoral degree. Conceptualization with a worthy project by conducting deep research demands original arguments and a lot of efforts. Here, experts of coursework writing services are going to discuss planning, structuring and writing a PhD coursework.

Planning your PhD coursework

Writing any piece of work without proper planning is just a waste of time. Conducting a proper plan for your PhD coursework makes your task easier as well as trouble-free. Always conduct a powerful plan before starting your writing process. In the coursework writing process, you necessitate choosing a topic. After selecting your effective and interesting topic, you can develop your next process of writing. You cannot write PhD coursework until you have selected a good topic. Yes, of course, selecting a coursework topic is not a piece of cake; consequently, you can consult with your supervisor.

Using brainstorming and mind-mapping techniques can be beneficial for you in the process of selecting a proper and unique topic. Keep in mind that choosing an interesting topic can reduce many difficulties. For example, if you have selected a topic in which you are interested then it will be good for you. You will have a lot of information related to your topic, second, you can write it quite trouble-free. After selecting your topic, you need to divide your time properly. For example, you have to work 3 to 4 hours on your writing process.

Stay positive and optimist while you are writing a dissertation with help of coursework writer. Therefore, you should spend a lot of effort and hard work on your planning. Poor planning will not reduce your stress and anxiety. So, develop a good plan for getting success in life. If you are going to conduct a plan, understand your main good. Getting help from potential ideas is the best step to start your writing process. Another most essential and beneficial point that you should keep in mind is realistic. Always be realistic and optimistic while you are conducting a plan. In the process of writing and planning, you need to follow your institute’s schedule. Follow all the writing rules and regulations that your university has applied.

Structuring Your PhD Coursework

After conducting a powerful plan, you need to do effort on the reading process. Absolutely, after selecting a topic, you have to do effort on your chosen project. You cannot write a good piece of writing until you will collect good material. So, conduct deep and tireless effort in order to collect powerful material for your writing process.

As we know that PhD coursework has consisted of three basic parts such as introduction, body and conclusion. So, start your introduction by developing original arguments. Make sure that you have formulated solid arguments in the introduction. Don’t make too many mistakes and be concise and to the point. An introduction is the first impression that you leave on the reader. So try to develop a good impression over the reader. Don’t feel reluctant in order to identify the main parts of your research. If you will conduct deep research with proper coursework help in order to find good material then you can increase your grades. After writing basic points in the introduction, come toward body paragraphs. It does not matter which type of topic, you have chosen, indeed, it really matters how you have organized and structure your ideas. Always develop unique ideas in the main body. Divide your middle section into different paragraphs.

Highlight the main points in the last section. The conclusion is the last paragraphs it is not the complete summary of your whole work. Don’t repeat overall points in the conclusion. Provide basic and solid ideas into your conclusion part.

Writing Your PhD Coursework

Write your PhD coursework with effective with concise and effective manner. Make sure that you have completed your coursework within a given time. Don’t face deadlines in writing your PhD coursework. Before the final submission, make sure that you have edited and proofread your work entirely. If you find some mistakes, try to cover them by getting help from your supervisor. Make sure that your entire PhD coursework is plagiarism free as well as error-free. Don’t take any task too much difficult. If you will hard work and struggle then you can fulfil all your dreams entirely.

Getting Help for Law Coursework Assignment is Good Step By You

3 min read

Law is the study of rules that a particular country or community makes in order to run the actions of the members of that country or community. In this regard, Law is also a very vast subject. When you are studying a Law course, then you will be asked to write Law coursework. Most of the students don’t have enough time to write the Law coursework. In this regard, they can contact with the coursework writing services. If you write a Law coursework from the coursework writing services, then your Law coursework will have the following qualities.


You Will Be Able To Get Expertly Crafted Law Coursework:

The expert writers of these coursework writing services have Law coursework writers. These Law coursework writers have vast experience about the contract, criminal and tort laws. They are also well aware of the finance and family laws. These expert coursework writers are also well aware from the UK, EU and other countries’ laws. You just need to provide us the topic of your Law coursework and they will write your Law coursework in the best quality and structure.


You Will Get The Law Coursework After Thorough Quality Review:

After writing the your Law coursework, first of all, it will be reviewed by the coursework writer. In the second, it will be sent to the in-house legal team for the review. They will check that either your Law coursework is written according to your requirements or not. They will also check the grammar, punctuation  and spelling mistakes. They will also check the professional and legal tone of your Law coursework. If everything is right then this coursework will be provided to you. On the other hand, in the case of any error, your coursework will be edited again.


Your Law Coursework Will Be Sent To You After Complementary Plagiarism Scans:

It is the requirement of your supervisor that a Law coursework should be free from the plagiarism. When you are going to write a Law coursework, then the biggest problem for you is to write your Law coursework without plagiarism. In this regard, you can also contact with the coursework writing services. The expert writers of these coursework writing services have the ability to write your Law coursework without plagiarism. These online coursework writing services will provide you Law coursework after proper scans in order to ensure that there is no plagiarism in your coursework.


You Will Be Able To Save Your Time:

When you are asked to write a Law coursework, then you will also be asked to submit it before the deadline. Most of the students are not able to write the coursework because they are not able to write the Law coursework along with studies or job. In this way, they can also get help from the coursework writing services in order to get the Law coursework within the given time. In this way, they will also be able to save their time for the studies.

Top 10 Interview Tips for College Students

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With the development of education system and people’s new cognition of the importance of education, the number of college graduates is increasing. As a result, there are millions of graduates prepare to enter into the work circle every year according to the experts of dissertation writing services. However, the high speed of economic development gives rise to the higher requirements for job hunters in all aspects, such as educational background, work experience, cooperation and communication abilities as well as others. Besides, before you send an application letter, you have to make a research about the background of the company, which includes its development history and situation, market prospect, industrial structure, and at the same time, you have to learn about its employee benefits and promotion systems. Therefore, it is not easy for every student to find a well-content job.

What is the key point for you to find a job? It’s the job interview. A successful interview plays a vital role in the success of your job application. Thus, I will share with you the very useful top 10 interview tips:

1. Know yourself and think about want kind of job you want.

Many students graduating from school may become perplexed about their future and job. Don’t be sightless to apply for a job immediately. At first, you can ruminate over your abilities, charters and other subjective reasons related to your job application and then confirm your job orientation, which will help you avoid making some wrong decisions and wasting time in finding a job.


2. Make a detailed research about the company.

The company you choose, to a certain extent, determines your future. Therefore, a careful research about the company is necessary. You can learn about the development situation and market value of the company, which reveals its prospect. Moreover, its employee benefits are what you need to pay high attention to, as which will directly relate to your salary range and promotion prospect.


3. Write a perfect cover letter.

In an interview, a beautiful and delicate cover letter is very important. Under normal conditions, a perfect cover letter may help you defeat some competitors and impress the Interviewers. In the cover letter, you should highlight your advantages, exclusive abilities, work experiences and explicit job intention. Make your cover letter content rich and concisely by providing your job experience in a detailed way like how you successfully help your company make a profit.


4. Find out the common interview questions and summarize the best answers according to your conditions.

You search the questions and answers on the internet and write down and adapt to your conditions. Be sure to keep in mind that don’t adopt the common answers, try to find some exclusive but convincing ones. Don’t just recite the answers during an interview. Try to put your emotion into your words and be honest about what you said.


5. Make a great and distinctive first impression.

For dressing, you can dress up yourself formally and do a light and natural makeup if you are a woman. Don’t dress casually or unusually, such as wearing a pair of slippers, shorts or hats with other decorations.

When you step into the interview room, keep the mind to knock the door at first, and before and after the interview, remember to send your respects to the Interviewers. For wording, remember not to interrupt the interviewers when they are talking.


6. Be careful of your body language.

Interviewers are always mindful of the job seekers’ body language. In their eyes, the body language reflects a person’s character and politeness. When you are required to stand up in an interview, remember don’t try to sit down, don’t put your hands in your trouser pocket, and don’t frequently scratch your head. When you required to sit down in an interview, sit up straight and don’t cross your legs. All these gestures are impolite.


7. Take a good control of your answer time.

The interviewers may talk with hundreds of interviewees a day and they may feel tired and bored especially when you are the latter 50 ones. So it’s better for you to give the direct and concise answers to what they asked. Don’t hang around the questions. Keep focusing on the key points.


8. Arrive earlier than others.

The day before your interview, you should check the route and make sure you won’t late for the interview (Take the factors of climate change and traffic jam into your time of driving to the interview place). Remember to set your alarm clock at least half an hour earlier than your estimated driving time. Job hunters who arrive earlier can not only impress the interviewees but also improve their own confidence. A least, you Don’t need to hurry to the room and start the interview in a rush sweating a lot.


9. Show your enthusiasm for the job and motivation to perform well in the company.

Interviewers pay high attention to your ambition and activeness in getting the job and your attitude towards your work. Because in their eyes, if someone is interested in a job, he or she will certainly tries his or her best to do well in his or her work. On the contrary, if the job seeker shows no passion for the job, they can make no progress, let alone supporting the team to go forward.


10. Send a thank-you letter or email to the company or make a call a phone back to the company to show your gratitude.

Since there are too many job seekers, it is easy for interviewers to forget any of them. A thank-you letter or email or a phone call is a way to remind them of you and also a polite deed to express your appreciation of their time during the interview.


In a word, the interview is of great importance for every one of you who want to find a satisfying job. Although there are more and more competitors in your field, some of which may be more excellent than you, don’t be afraid of that. Just keep in mind these top ten interview tips to surpass others. A good job is not far away from you!

Aiming For High Grades Chasing Happiness?

3 min read

It is the desire of almost all the students to get the best grades during the academic career. Its reason is that these best grades tell people about the best performance of the students. The best grades are also helpful for the students in various ways like these best grades can boost up the confidence level of the students, these best grades provide a chance to the students to get admission in the best colleges and universities and these best grades can also become a cause of getting the best scholarship opportunities for the students. The students can get the best grades by following these essential tips given by assignment writing services UK;

Organize  yourself

The first and the most important thing to get the best grades is to organize yourself. To organize means that you should try to perform all the tasks systematically. For this reason, first of all, you should try to get a planner or a bullet journal. This planner will provide a complete idea about the due dates of your assignments. Moreover, it will also provide you with an idea about your upcoming tests and quizzes. Secondly, you should try to get an expandable file and put it on the table. Thirdly, you should also try to organize your books and other things in a locker or desk. The last and most important thing is to prepare a study schedule. This study schedule will provide you with a complete idea of what you should do on a particular day.

2)      Absorb information

In order to get the best grades, it is an unavoidable thing to you to gather information from different resources and try to absorb it. While absorbing information, you should also keep in mind some essential tips. First of all, you should get an idea about your learning style. After getting an idea about your learning style, you will be in a better position to absorb information from different resources in a little amount of time. Secondly, you should try to read out the textbook. Its reason is that sometimes, there is a possibility that your professor has not mentioned particular information in the class and by reading the textbook; you can easily learn this information. Thirdly, you should try to prepare notes during the class. Its reason is that most of the paper comes from that information that is discussed in the class. At last, you should try to study effectively.

3)      Do your homework

At the end of the lecture, your professor will assign homework to you. The best students are those who do their homework daily. This is possible only if you give first priority to your homework and try to do it immediately after school. There are some students who are not able to complete their homework due to procrastination. For example, if they are asked to complete an assignment within a week, they try to solve it on the last day of the week. As a result, they are not able to write down the best quality assignment. The best students are those who divide the assignment writing task into seven days and try to prepare a monument of it. If a student is not able to get the best grades in these assignments, he will never be able to improve his overall grading because these assignments cover a large portion of your grades.

The Rise in Mental Health Problems in UK University Students

3 min read

Mental health problems are also known as mental illness. All the disorders that can affect the mood, thinking and behaviour of a person come into mental health problems or mental health issues. UK university students face a wide range of these mental health problems. In these mental health problems, there come anxiety, depression, eating disorders and addictive behaviour etc. There are many reasons behind these mental health problems in UK university students. Here, experts of dissertation proposal writing services will discuss is coursework load is the reason for the rise in mental health problems in UK university students.

It is a fact that loads of coursework are creating lots of mental health problems for the students. As we know that if we want to learn a lesson quickly, it is necessary for us to get motivation. Its reason is that low motivation can create lots of problems for the students. In UK universities, most of the students are not able to motivate themselves for studies due to the load of coursework. As a result, they have to face some mental health problems and they are not able to get good comments from the teachers.

There are some students who are not able to pay attention to studies due to distractions. These distractions are in the form of social media accounts, friends, family members and much more. Anyhow, if the students show little commitment towards studies, they can easily get rid of these distractions. After getting rid of these distractions, it is also necessary for the students to concentrate on the main theme of the lesson in order to enhance their learning power. If a student is facing a problem of overloading of the coursework, he will not be able to concentrate on the major academic issues. As a result, these students can also face some mental health problems.

At the university level, it is necessary for the students to understand and remember some essential facts and figures. If the students are facing a problem of the overloading of coursework, they will also face some problems to memorize these essential facts and figures. Its reason is that if a student is studying a single subject, it is easy for him to understand key facts and figures. On the other hand, if they have to learn lots of subjects at a time, these facts and figures will mix up in their mind. As a result, students face lots of mental health issues.

In order to learn something quickly and efficiently, it is necessary for the students to choose an interesting subject. On the other hand, if a student has selected an odd subject and he is asked to memorize bulk of information, he will face lots of problems. These problems can become a cause of mental health problems for the students. Along with these facts, the students can also face mental health problems if they don’t have the right resources to memorize specific information and if they have some time management problems.


How Do Math Geniuses Understand Extremely Hard Math Concepts So Quickly?

3 min read

Math GeniusesThe math genius means a person who has the ability to solve all the concepts with no trouble. A math genius is a person who has an incredible mental level and creative philosophy. We can elucidate it as a high IQ level gifted person by God. However, the genius is an incredibly famous term that is used for envy and another ghastly behaviour. A math genius is talented to solve a question easily and quickly. In this argumentative essay, the professional writers of masters dissertation writing services will discuss how math geniuses understand extremely hard math concepts so quickly. 

The math geniuses are a very complicated term that refers to most things in the life of any person. However, mainly people are able to solve concepts very rapidly and with no trouble. Match geniuses are able to understand the most complicated question very easily; however, an ordinary person is not able to understand a question exceedingly easily.

Most people believe that the power of understands plays a significant function in order to solve the most difficult math question. The IQ level of human beings is exceptionally essential in heuristics. The essential trust in this concept is that is its natural ability in order to solve different problems. It is especially surprising that a person is able to solve a difficult question in just a few minutes. According to the new research, the people of the United Kingdom are able to solve difficult problems of math. In most cases, it is exceptionally difficult to solve that strangeness of this phoneme on is without special explanation. 

However, mainly theories are about mathematics ability and skill. Capacity plays an important role in order to solve any math question. The language of math is very complex and an ordinary person is not able to solve it quickly.   According to the psychological question, a mathematics person is better to understand the math language. The brains of 34 % of people are able to solve the math question very easily. It is sad that the question of math plays an important role in order to keep the mind fresh and active. In order to explain the math question, a person should be active-minded and knowledge of basic rules. Most children are very intelligent in order to solve the math question. Some people are interested to solve the math question with the help of music.

It is widely accepted that a mathematics person has the ability to think deeper about the question and solve it easily. They are defined into two people, such as professional mathematics and second, are non- professional mathematicians.  They have a high mental level and ability to solve the questions very easily. The IQ level is linked with the activation of mind. However, brain activation plays an important role in order to understand complex things very easily.  On the other hand, the visceral skills also mainly significant in the integration, therefore, most people are able to understand a question incredibly easily and quickly.

10 Most Common Uses Of Commas And How To Put It Correctly

3 min read

A comma marks a slight break between different parts of a sentence. The use of comma makes the meaning of the sentence. It separates words phrases and clauses.  

Here are 10 most common uses of commas and how to put it correctly.


1.   Big clauses and dependent clauses

The comma is used between the big clause and dependent clauses.


o   If you work hard, you will pass.

o   As he is a strong man, he can win.

o   When I reached the college, the peon rings the bell.


2.    In the start of Infinitive and Present participate.

The most common use of the comma is between the present participate and infinitive clause. It is a most important thing that you should keep in mind while using a comma.


o   To win the prize, he struggles hard.

o   Sitting under a tree, he ate food.

3.   The separation between the introductory words


o   Surely, he will win the match.

o   Ali was not a sincere man. Therefore, he did not help us.

4.   Information about any Noun or Pronoun

It is used to give information about any noun or pronoun.


o   Assam, the tallest boy in your class, can win the race.

o   The girl, sitting behind you, is very talented.


5.   For the separation of Tag-question


o   She is intelligent, isn’t she?

o   You are Anwar, Right?

6.  Between the direct speech and reporting speech

It is used in the direct speech or reporting speech.


o   He said, “I am ill”.

o   John,” be attentive in your position”

7.   Use a comma before any coordinating conjunction (and, but, for, or, nor, so, yet) that links two independent clauses.

You should learn a few grammatical terms to understand this one. An independent clause is a unit of grammatical organization that includes both a subject and verb. It can stand for a sentence.

Example, “I went to the zoo, and I saw a duck”.

In the previous example, “I went to a sea “and “I saw a duck “are both independent clauses, and “and “is a coordinating conjunction that connects them. Consequently, we insert a comma.

8.   Use commas to separate items in a series

It is used to separate items in a series. The last comma is also known as a serial comma and Oxford comma.


o   She is a beautiful, intelligent, smart, and educated girl.

o   He is a, singer, actor, and player.

9.   Use a comma when attributing quotes

If the attribution comes before the quote, place the comma outside the quotation marks.

o   Example

o   He said,” I saw an elephant in the jungle “.

o   He told me,” He is weak in Math “.

10.                Use a comma to separate the elements in a full date (weekday, month and day). It separates a combination of those elements from the rest of the sentence with commas.



o   January 2, 2019, was a bad day for me.